Shows That Take You Back to School

School is back in session! Get back into the academic mind frame with these shows that are all about school. From high school loves to sports rivalries, these series all make the grade and will make you want to hit the books again.

Dear Brother

This classic anime series tells the story of 16-year-old Nanako Misonoo, who attends a
prestigious girls high school and falls into a world of female rivalry, love, chaos and heartbreak.
She recounts her experiences navigating the minefields of this high-pressure school in a series of letters to a previous tutor she addresses as brother.

Answer Me 1997 (Reply 1997)

A group of five close friends who met in high school reconnect 15 years later to relive their youth during the late 1990s when the new K-pop and idols craze ruled their lives. Which two friends’ passionate idolization of K-pop stars turned into a genuine love for each other? Watch the series now and then get ready for the announced prequel Answer Me 1994 coming this fall!

My Princess

Every young girl dreams of becoming a princess when she grows up. But sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for. A college co-ed who is descendent from the last emperor of the Chosun Dynasty undergoes etiquette training to become a princess. See the trailer now.

Bull Fighting

A pickup three-on-three game of street basketball between two rival colleges determines who controls the neighborhood basketball court. Things get heated when the captains of the two rival teams both fall for the same girl.

Innocent Lilies

See the first trailer for the exciting new J-drama that will be coming soon about a group of young girls who come to learn the art of witchcraft at the White Witch Academy.


We hope these shows put you in the right mindset to return to school. Let us know which is your favorite school-themed series!