The Darker Side of K-Pop

Many summer K-pop music videos have ventured into darker territory with themes like wolves, vampires and epic longing for lost loves.

Check out these edgy music videos, which feature supernatural special effects, monsters, vampires and more!

Brown Eyed Girls — Kill Bill

The Brown Eyed Girls’ music video pays homage to Quentin Tarantino’s iconic vengeance film. In it, the girls play super sexy vixen killers who are clad in leather outfits and out to serve some serious woman-scorned spite.

Check it out below with a special shoutout just for Viki fans.

EXO — Wolf

EXO made a comeback with their music video for Wolf. In the video, EXO members transform into majestic wolves ready to strike! Naega wolf geurae wolf!

B2ST  Shadow

In this boy band’s video for Shadow, the members of B2ST linger in the shadows, longing for a lost love.

4 Minute — Volume Up!

The gothic set for this music video looks like a castle from the Dark Ages  the perfect location to fit the girl group’s vampire theme.

LC9  Mama Beat

Rookie K-pop group LC9’s music video for Mama Beat, which features Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In, contains so many dark fighting action scenes that it received a 19+ rating.

Let us know which video is your favorite!