The Strong Side of Women

As women, we often hear complaints that we are temperamental, and we always change our minds at the snap of a finger. Women also have been portrayed as weak and very much dependent on men. Well, here are some examples from our favorite dramas that show that we are, in fact, strong and we can do perfectly fine on our own without relying on men!

Cheryl Yang plays the role of Shan Wu Shuang, a career woman who has now become a top editor at iFound magazine, working hard to find news exclusives. The key to her heart was her boyfriend, but a misunderstanding between them led to a six-year fallout. Any other woman might have been emotionally crippled by the experience, but Wu Shuang stays strong to become her own woman she is today. 

Famous Taiwanese model Sonia Sui stars as Xie An Zhen, a loving and patient wife to Wen Rui Fan (played by James Wen). But what appeared to be the perfect marriage wasnt so perfect after all. Disaster strikes when her husband falls in love with her cousin, but instead of backing down, An Zhen shows unbelievable strength in fighting for what she deserves. She then moves on from her failed marriage to a better future.

Coming from Taiwanese pop girl group S.H.E, Hebe plays the role of Yi Sheng Xue, the daughter of the owner of 13th Street. Having grown up in a black triad family under the care of her bodyguards, she tends to come across as a little overbearing and boyish. From picking a fight to being composed while being tied up and dragged away, Sheng Xue is a tough nut, thats for sure!

Muscular arms and a body that smells like roast pork all day — these are not exactly the qualities a man looks for in a woman. But when Hu Shan Bao (played by Amber Kuo) meets Sun Wu Di (played by Nicholas Teo), who doesn’t seem to mind her masculinity or her smell, she is taken aback and decides to make him hers. Even though Shan Bao is used to facing rejection, she is the type of girl who gets braver with every obstacle she faces. After she takes a minute to console herself, she carries on with life like the strong person she is.

Do you admire the fight in these ladies? Let us know what you think!

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