Viki’s Top 5 K-Pop Female Singers

From fast-paced dance tracks to cutesy hair-tossing numbers, there is nothing we have yet to see from these highly popular Korean singers. Korean pop music, or K-pop as we affectionately know it, has been a huge part of Viki’s music library and has received much love from the community. Today, we introduce to you to five of Viki’s most-loved female Korean vocalists!

1. T-ara

Roly-Poly, Cry Cry and Bo Peep Bo Peep”  which of these songs do you not know? This six-member girl group has plenty of hit singles, and they continue to bring their fans more of these catchy tunes. Famous for their dramatic music videos, the members of this group have been acknowledged for their acting chops. What else would you like to see from them?

This girl group has made its way up from the initial shy and adorable rookie image to the now confident sexy goddesses you see on stage. Although faced with some member changes in just their first year, the group has persevered and continues producing quality music for its fans. The recent comeback with “Female President” caused quite the uproar with the sexy, revealing outfits spotted in the music video. Which image do you think is better suited to these girls?

3. IU

Also known as Lee Ji Eun, IU has blossomed from a meek guitar player who did covers like 2PM’s “Heartbeat” into the outstanding and well-loved singer-actress she is today. Dubbed the “nation’s little sister,” this 20-year-old has received much attention for her sweet voice and adorable looks.

4. Davichi

Gentle-looking women who turn into divas belting out impossibly high notes on the stage, the pop duo of Lee Hae Ri and Kang Min Kyung show why
they have been dubbed the “Queens of Ballads.” Having only been in the industry for about five years, they have already claimed several awards, such as the prestigious Bonsang Award (awarded to Top 10 selling artists) at the 19th Seoul Music Awards and the “Best Vocal Performance Group” award at the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards.  

This four-member girl group’s popularity skyrocketed with the “proud dance” in Abracadabra, which inspired thousands of parody videos and dance covers. The dances reappearance in Psy’s song Gentlemen” sparked yet another wave of interest in the Brown Eyed Girls. Although it debuted with sweet love songs and ballads like “LOVE,” the girl group moved on to more powerful tunes like “Sixth Sense” and “Kill Bill” after the the success of Abracadabra. One of the longest active girl groups so far, this group promises to provide us with many more hits. Also, we would like to wish Je-A (September 18th) and Ga In (September 20th) an early “Happy Birthday”!

Are these artists your Top 5? Let us know if you think we should have included anyone else!