4 Crossover Asian Stars Who Have Gone Global!

Many multitalented artists have the total package — looks, musical talents and acting chops. These artists are stepping into different fields to prove their many talents. Be it music or composing, acting or directing, these Asian rising global artists have it all. Here is a look at just a few talented Asian performers who have proven themselves worthy of being international stars!

Jay Chou and BoA

At the tender age of 13, pop singer BoA made her debut in Korea after being discovered by a talent scout. She then ventured into Japan, the United States and other parts of the world. This Queen of K-pop has sold more than 10 million records so far in her career! Also, she represents her company, SM Entertainment, as a judge on Korea’s famous talent show, K-pop Star.

Recently, BoA successfully crossed over to acting in the drama “Hope For Dating.” In the series, she plays a young woman who repeatedly falls in love with the wrong type of guys. Check out her small-screen debut here!

Jay Chou

Jay Chou began his career as a composer after being scouted on a talent show by famous comedian-host Jacky Wu. In 2000, the Taiwanese singer-songwriter and actor released his first album and has been faithfully doing so almost every year. More than 28 million of his records have sold worldwide, earning him his valued status as a global musician. This multi-talented entrepreneur also owns a record company, JVR Music, managing his own tunes and other singers as well.

Adding to his numerous capabilities, he ventured into acting in 2005 and has even taken on directorial roles. Check out his self-directed movie, 
Pandaman Heroic Detective!

Speaking of multi-talented, these are some other all-round artists you should be looking out for!

Marian Rivera

After kickstarting her career as a model, Marian Rivera moved on to acting and eventually shot to fame. The Filipina also released a few albums, including a dance single, showcasing her diverse talents. In addition, she was crowned FHM Philippines’ Sexiest Woman in the World 2008, beating popular pick Megan Fox.

Some of her memorable acting roles include 
Dyesebel, a series about a famous Philippine mermaid, and Amaya, Philippine’s priciest television series to date about a princess who became the most powerful woman in Philippine history.

Tomomi Itano (AKB48)

Debuting in the largest pop girl group in the world, AKB48’s former member Tomomi Itano managed to shine despite having almost 80 other members in the Japanese group! In 2012, she was dubbed “The Queen of TV Commercials” in Japan due to her many endorsements. Her fourth solo single was even used as a theme song for famous brand Samantha Vega’s TV commercial.

Proving herself to be an all-round artist, Itano took on her first hosting role on the entertainment program 
Tomomi Itano’s Love Japan Ranking. Join her as she checks out the latest trends in Japan and goes behind the scenes with AKB48!

Do you know of other multi-talented Asian stars who might be climbing the ladder of global fame? Let us know!