Discover the World of Chinese Wuxia

If you’ve had enough of the urban lifestyle, you may be interested in traveling back in Chinese history to a time when heroes lived by a code of honor and fought for righteousness. Think serene landscapes, heavy yet intricate fabrics, and the wafting fragrance of tea leaves and powdery incense.

Wuxia, which literally means martial hero,” is a genre of Chinese historical fiction that focuses on the adventures of martial artists that has been broadened to include television shows, films and video games. These martial artists, who are sometimes depicted as swordsmen, live by a code of chivalry, stand up for whats right, and protect the oppressed.

If you’re ready to explore this new genre, here is a list of our favorite wuxia stories from Huace, one of the largest private film companies in China.

The Magic Blade

A son striving to avenge his father’s wrongful death, Fu Hong Xue (played by Wallace Chung) meets a new buddy on his journey and falls in love with an ex-flame lookalike. Starring eye candies Chung and Baron Chen, this adapted Chinese wuxia series showcases action-packed sword wielding, flying daggers and Qing Gong, a form of martial arts that enables a person to move in light leaps. We would definitely recommend this series for martial arts junkies.

A Terracotta Warrior

As ancient Chinese history depicts, terracotta warriors were sculptures buried with Qin Shi Huang, the last Emperor of the Warring States period. During his reign, whoever went against him was potentially courting death. In this drama, a priceless elixir is given to the wrong man, who is subsequently punished and buried alive as a terracotta warrior. Fast forward to the 1900s, when the man awakens and meets the reincarnation of his love. Will their love stand the test of time?

The protagonist, Ping Gui (played by Benny Chan), went from riches to rags with the unfortunate death of his stepfather, who adopted Ping Gui when he was separated from his parents at birth. Living as a beggar on the streets, Ping Gui meets and falls in love with Bao Chuan (played by Jessica Hsuan), only to face discrimination from her parents because of their different social standing. Will Ping Gui be able to overcome his circumstances to be with the woman he loves? 


If this is your first time watching Chinese historical dramas, this is definitely the one to start with. Based on a classic novel by Jin Yong, one of the finest wuxia writers, this exciting story depicts the adventures of a young adolescent (played by Alec Su), rising above rebels with these two legendary weapons, the Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre.

The wuxia genre has become ingrained in Chinese pop culture and is popular in TV dramas and films today. What are some wuxia films or dramas you would like to see on Viki?