Get Ready for Halloween With Drama-Inspired Costumes!

Yikes! Less than two weeks until Halloween, and you still havent figured out a costume yet! Also known as All Hallows’ Eve, the holiday is celebrated in the United States and many other countries in the Western world on October 31 by dressing up in costumes. If you still haven’t picked a costume, weve got you covered! Find inspiration with some of our favorite looks from television dramas!

Boys Over Flowers

Know four very sexy, very rich boys? Then why not go as Jan Di and the F4? All you need to do is have four boys drive expensive cars and have one boy act like Jun Pyo  curly hair and all. Break out into spontaneous fights throughout the evening, and you can easily pass as Jun Pyo and Jan Di!

Innocent Lilies

Here’s another great idea for a quick group costume: dress up as the students from the White Witch Academy! Grab an all-white school uniform (or a white skirt with a sailor shirt) and up to eight friends and youre all set to go! Bonus points if you can replicate all their haircuts and colors!

The Magic Blade

Looking for something totally epic? Dress up as Fu Hong Xue! Hes the son of a legendary Chinese martial artist who seeks revenge against his father’s killers! Plus, its a great excuse to wield a cool-looking sword for the evening!

Falling Skies

Looking to survive a post-apocalyptic Earth? Go ahead and skip washing your hair for a few days and dig out your grungiest-looking pants. If youre really dedicated, you can go ahead and skip showering altogether for a few days! Find a few friends and fight some alien bad guys together on Halloween night!

We hope these suggestions help you to think beyond the zombie, minion or Miley Cyrus costumes that everyone else will be dressing up as this year. Heres to having a happy and safe Halloween!

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