The Best Makeovers in Drama History

From The Ugly Duckling, to Extreme Makeover, the concept of radical transformation has kept audiences attention for years. With a brand new look, our favorite heroes can gain self-confidence and accomplish their goals. Some choose to approach their first love, while others choose to take revenge on people who mistreated them in the past. But whatever they do, these transformed characters have our support as they meet lifes new challenges in style! 

Lets take a look at some of the best makeovers in our favorite TV dramas.

In this Venezuelan telenovela, Luisa takes on a confident new identity before approaching the family that ruined her life. See how her revenge plot begins in Episode 1 below.

Luisa became Victoria to take revenge on the evil Montero family in Always on My Mind

Jin Da Hua was always teased about her birthmark and protruding front teeth in this Taiwanese drama, but will she truly be happy when those traits are rectified?

Jin Da Huas two faces in Princess’ Stand In
Holy Battle in Couleur de Rose

Makoto Mikis cheating husband cant believe his eyes when he sees his wife transformed into a beautiful supermodel in this Japanese drama. See Makoto Miki try out modeling for the first time in Episode 2:

Housewife Makoto Miki becomes a fashion model in Holy Battle in Couleur De Rose.
Coffee Prince

Go Eun Chan, the tomboyish heroine of this popular Korean drama series, has a difficult time adjusting to her new outfits and personas. Even with fancy clothes and makeup, Eun Chans true personality comes out. Nice try!

Go Eun Chan cant hide her tomboy style in Coffee Prince.
These are some of the unforgettable transformations weve seen from around the world. Is your favorite drama makeover on this list? If not, tell us about it!