Hot Thai Actor Mario Maurer a Must-See in ‘To Each a Flower’

If you havent heard of Mario Maurer, youve been missing out. This half-Thai, half-German heartthrob is a talented model and actor with global appeal. He stars in the Chinese short film, To Each a Flower, which is available on Viki for viewers worldwide. Heres why you should check it out:

Thai-German actor Mario Maurer stars in To Each a Flower
Marios fans claim that hes the hottest man in Thailand. His handsome features often invite comparisons to Thai K-pop star Nichkhun Horvejkul! Who do you think is better looking?

Whos hotter: 2PMs Nichkhun or Mario Maurer?
In To Each a Flower, Mario Maurer plays a bad boy who always leaves his girlfriend waiting at home. Chinese pop singer A Duo plays the faithful girlfriend; her lovely voice is also featured in the film. Check out these still shots of the actors:

Mario Maurer dresses with style in To Each a Flower
The short film follows the struggles of a troubled couple
Beautiful Chinese pop star A Duo stars in the film
Now, head over to Viki to watch the movie, available to viewers worldwide! Don’t forget to tell us how you like it!