K-Pop Idols Yoona and IU Star in New Dramas

This winter, K-pop idols are taking lead roles in several anticipated new dramas. IU, known as the “Nation’s Little Sister” in Korea, will star in “Beautiful Man.” Yoona from Girls’ Generation will play a spunky reporter in “Prime Minister and I.”

IU’s character in “Beautiful Man” is a very ordinary girl named Kim Bo Tong. In addition to being a strange-sounding girl’s name, “Bo Tong” literally means “average” in Korean! IU has acted in past dramas such as “Dream High,” and we’re excited to see her take on another cute, underdog role alongside the beautiful man himself, Jang Geun Suk.

IU plays average schoolgirl Kim Bo Tong in Beautiful Man
Prime Minister and I” is not Yoona’s first drama, either. She co-starred in the romantic melodrama, “Love Rain” with Jang Geun Suk. Yoona will shed her sleek idol image for the role, sporting a combination of curly hair and baggy clothes.

Yoona is a courageous reporter in Prime Minister and I

Miss Korea” stars the beautiful Lee Yeon Hee and premieres on December 18. The lovely actress is not a K-pop idol, but here’s a fun fact: Lee Yeon Hee was an S.M. trainee who almost debuted as part of Girls’ Generation! She chose to pursue her acting career instead.

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