Mean Girls in Dramas: BFFs to Worst Enemies

A famous quote by the English playwright William Congreve says, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

A woman can start out as your “BFF” (best friend forever), but what happens when that relationship ends up on the rocks? There is nothing more treacherous — or more fun to watch — than a woman who suddenly becomes your worst enemy. Here are three examples of female relationships gone awry from our favorite television dramas and anime on Viki.

When new students arrive at the White Witch Academy in this 2013 Japanese drama series, the girls must put the pains of their past lives behind them to learn the art of witchcraft. The new class of girls bond over their shared challenges to develop their magical powers. But that closeness goes horribly wrong when they are faced with their last challenge: to turn against each other to become a White Witch. Who will be the last girl standing?

In this Japanese anime series, Nanako attends a prestigious girls high school and is invited to join an exclusive sorority” by her new friend, Mary. But Mary tries to drive a wedge between Nanako and her childhood best friend, Tomoko. Could Mary have something up her sleeve in intentionally causing problems between the best friends?

The Greatest Love

Goo Ae Jung (played by Gong Hyo Jin) and Kang Se Ri (played by Yoo In Na) were in the same popular K-pop girl group that broke up years ago in this 2011 Korean drama series. The former friends are no longer on good terms over some unknown event that happened years ago. Se Ri, who is now the bigger star, wants to make sure that Ae Jung continues to live marginally as a has-been. Will Se Ri also steal away Ae Jung’s man?

What is your favorite example of a female relationship that goes from good to bad? Let us know!