Christmas with Lunafly

Christmas came early for some Lukies as they celebrated the joyous season with Lunafly during their recent showcase, Christmas with Lunafly Live in Singapore. From familiar tunes like ‘Fly to Love’ and ‘Day by Day’ (English version of Clear Day, Cloudy Day) to covers of classics and hit songs, Lunafly grabbed the hearts of their fans with their amazing live performances.

Not only are they talented, their humour is a plus point as well! Teo did a perfect imitation of British-Korean member Sam’s accented English, and even teased the crowd with pick up lines in Mandarin.

Pleasing the fans even more, Teo showed off his nifty dance moves to fellow labelmate LC9’s Mama Beat, drawing screams from the numerous fans. As it was their 450th day since debut, Lukies prepared a fan event - holding cards to congratulate them, and presented a cake to the 3 boys.

Saving the best for the last, Christmas couldn’t get more exciting for Lukies when Lunafly came back for an encore in Santa costumes and even personally presented roses to the fans!

Now Viki has a special present for Lukies around the world too! We will be giving away 3 autographed polaroids of Lunafly together with a Viki Tshirt. (Psst! Each of the Lunafly members have a Viki shirt too, so you might be one of the lucky fans to get an identical shirt with them!) 

Stay tuned for more details on this exclusive giveaway!