Evil Characters' Most Biting Words in Taiwanese Dramas

There is always this one person in every drama who manages to barge in at that critical moment, proceeds to say the worst words you could think of, and creates tension between the protagonists. As these evil characters spoil the mood, you’ve got to admit they make the series that much more exciting, especially in some of our favorite Taiwanese dramas!

Be it the jealous ex-girlfriend, a distant relative or even a bad sibling, these characters all have had some pretty memorable lines. Let’s take a look at some of these deliciously meddlesome characters and their biting words in some recent Taiwanese dramas on Viki!

Wang Si Ping in Deja Vu
In this heartbreaking romance series, You Xi (Wang Si Ping) and Hai Lin (Mandy Wei) are half-sisters, and You Xi believes that Hai Lin has an ulterior motive for approaching Xi Wei (How Yao), her boyfriend. Prejudiced against Hai Lin and her mother, You Xi said this in attempt to drive Hai Lin away: “凭你身上流着的小三血溢让我不安.” (It’s the home-wrecker blood that flows in you that makes me so uncomfortable.) Ouch!

Amanda Zhu in The Fierce Wife

There is nothing worse than a third wheel wedging herself in between a perfectly happy couple. Wei En (Amanda Zhu), An Zhen’s (Sonia Sui) cousin from the States, grows smitten with An Zhens husband, Rui Fan (James Wen), and fails to see the fault in that. Wei En even tries to claim Rui Fan as her property by saying, “在爱情的世界里, 不被爱的那个才是第三者” (I’m not the third party. The third party is the person who is not loved.) Whoa!

Jia An in Just You
What could top a crazy ex-girlfriend? Definitely a crazy and possessive ex-fiancée! In this humorous romantic drama, Jia Yu (Jia An) returns to Taiwan years after leaving Qi Yi (Aaron Yan) and tries to recapture his heart. After Liang Liang successfully reunites Qi Yi and his mother, Jia Yu steps in to claim undeserved credit and says, “如果没有我, 齊翼的幸福不会完整. (If it wasn’t for me, would Qi Yi’s happiness be complete?) Maybe...

From the above scenarios, would you say these meddling characters are full of themselves or simply delusional?

These Taiwanese dramas are available in the Americas, Europe and select Southeast Asian countries.