Rising K-Pop Stars LC9 Kicks Off Asia Showcase

The Korean boy band LC9 (aka League of Competition #9) finally kickstarted its Asia showcase and its first stop was Singapore! The talented six-member group drew a large crowd of screaming fans from its fan-sign session, showcase, photo session and even a high-touch session (which means fans got to high five them!).

With their fans gathering early equipped with fan boards and cameras, the boys of LC9 were shown lots of excitement after their stage entrance. 

Despite the intense choreography, LC9 kept pace with the high energy of its songs and even paired the vocals with some nifty footwork. Check out the dance version of the band’s music video to get a taste of their performing abilities!

In addition to the group’s own songs, LC9 also performed covers of One Direction, Justin Bieber, David Guetta and even Taiwanese singer Show Luo!

A lucky fan, who flew from Indonesia to Singapore, won a chance to share the stage with LC9. But the  excitement didn’t just end there. The fan even managed to capture an exclusive golden moment with her favorite member on polaroid!

LC9 promised its new album will be released in the first half of 2014 so, Love Beats, you have something to look forward to in the New Year! For those in Asia, there’s more in store for you. The boys said they’ll likely hold a showcase in December and January somewhere near you, so cross your fingers that you’ll be able to catch them live again soon.

Despite having debuted less than a year ago, LC9 impressed its many fans with incredible dance moves, beautiful vocals and, most importantly, versatility in taking on different genres of music shown in its cover performances. During their interviews, the members surprisingly showed a fun-loving side of themselves, allowing fans to get to know each of them better! Catch more of the spontaneous side of the LC9 members with their first reality show, “LC9’s Life of Research.”