U.S. Version of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ Premieres Dec. 26 on Viki!

A middle-class girl is accepted to a prestigious school, attended by only the most elite students. She struggles to make friends but catches the attention of the schools good-looking, wealthy bad boys, known as the F4. What could possibly go wrong?

Boys Before Friends features a multicultural cast.
The Boys Over Flowers story has already become a classic tale that has spread throughout Asia and the rest of the world and is finally making a debut in the United States. The new U.S. TV series, called Boys Before Friends, premieres on December 26th and features an all-American multicultural cast. Watch the trailer below:

Joseph Almani will play Lee Min HoBoys Over Flowers counterpart role in the U.S. version
Are you curious to see how the U.S. drama compares to the Japanese manga or the hit K-drama starring Lee Min Ho? “Boys Before Friends” premieres on December 26th and is available to viewers worldwide on Viki. Favorite the channel to receive updates about new episodes, and tell us what you think of the premiere!