Viki Launches on Google Chromecast

We promised more apps for the holidays and we're delivering on that promise: Watch your favorite Viki shows when, where and on what device you want. After our successful launch on Xbox 360, we're happy to announce that Viki is now available for free on Chromecast, Google’s new TV-connected device that wirelessly delivers video and audio entertainment onto any TV screen. 

Viki joins a handful of other popular video streaming apps--including Netflix, Hulu Plus and HBO Go--made available over the last few weeks on the US $35 Chromecast.

Anyone with a Chromecast device can “cast” videos from or their Android or iOS-enabled smartphone to their TV. Viki on Chromecast is available worldwide by downloading the latest Viki Android or iOS app on Google Play and the App Store. Tell your friends, and check out other Viki apps here!

Viki on iPhone

Viki on Android