Viki U: Don’t Know Another Language? Try Segmenting!

Have you ever wanted to contribute to the subtitles on Viki but never thought you could because you only know one language? Heres an excellent way to contribute: Segmenting! (Another great way is captioning!)

Segmenters are very important on Viki. Before subtitles can be added, a video must be cut into “segments.” Well-timed segments mean that subtitles will show on screen at exactly the right time. Timing segments is a relaxing and addictive activity!

Heres how you get started!

Segmenting is done using the “Segment Timer” tool. To open the tool, click on the “Segment Timer” button located at the top right of the video page.

This short tutorial video will show you the basics of segmenting using the Segment Timer:


In some channels, such as on-air TV shows, segmenters like to work together on a team. If youd like to join that team and become a “Designated Segmenter” for the channel, the Channel Manager must approve you. If you dont receive a response in seven days from the Channel Manager, please send a message to the Help Center, and we can try to help you become a segmenter on the channel.

Good segmenting is a skill that takes time to master, so we recommend that you practice and gain experience on short-form videos (e.g., Music and News) or channels with fewer volunteers (e.g., Classics). Remember: You may segment freely on all channels managed by Viki, but as a courtesy, please contact the Channel Manager if he/she is a Viki community member.

More Resources

For a more detailed guide to segmenting, check out our articles: Using the Segment Timer and How to Segment a Video. Check out these great community-created resources for more help and information about segmenting: The Segmenting 101 Project and Learning By Doing.

If you have any other questions that we havent answered here, please write to us at the Help Center and well get back to you as soon as possible!

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