Viki U: Get Viki Pass for FREE - become a QC!

There are now TWO ways to watch your favorite shows without ads and in HD: Upgrade your account to Viki Pass or become a Qualified Contributor!

Viki Pass

In October, we launched Viki Pass, our premium subscription service that lets you watch without ads, in HD, for only US $3.99 per month. You can upgrade your account and start a free 7-day trial here.

Consider buying a subscription if you want the ultimate ad-free, high quality viewing experience across most devices. Viki Pass is your passport to awesomeness!

QC Status

Qualified Contributors are the most passionate, active, and supportive volunteer contributors in the Viki community. Representing countries all over the world, QCs help viewers understand their favorite shows by segmenting and subtitling in hundreds of languages.

In addition to other perks, QCs get the ad-free and HD benefits of Viki Pass, and are able to watch most videos in any region of the world. Remember: you NEED to complete 3,000 subtitles or 2,000 segments before applying for QC status.

You can learn more about QC status here in our Blog. Want to join the fun of subtitling and become a Qualified Contributor? Get started with the Viki U tutorial below!