Viki Mobile: More Than 17 Million App Installs

Viki isnt just global, were mobile, too! We now have nearly 17 million app installs! Did you know that more than 65 percent of Viki viewers now watch on a mobile device, or that the United Kingdom is the fastest growing viewing market for mobile? Interesting, huh? Read the full Global Mobile Report read below for more great information about your favorite global TV source. 

Viki Global Mobile Report 2013 by Viki, Inc.

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Let's Welcome the Year of the Horse!

Known to many as the Lunar New Year, this big occasion for all our fans who celebrate this holiday from across the globe is fast approaching! In Chinese beliefs, each year in a 12-year cycle is related to a particular animal, and this incoming year will be the Year of the Horse!

People belonging to the Horse zodiac are believed to be energetic, good with money and ooze heaps of sex appeal! Do you think the stars below fit these characteristics?

With the festivities lasting for 15 days, there’s so much to see and do during the Lunar New Year observations! Here are some of our favorite traditions:

Gathering Red Envelopes

If you’re young and single, get ready to make a small fortune with red envelopes (usually containing money) from the elders. The intended meaning? For blessings, good luck, prosperity and protection against evil spirits!

Igniting Those Firecrackers

Back in the olden days, people believed the ruckus caused by firecrackers drive away the “notorious” Nian monster, rumored to eat little children. Since then, firecrackers have become one of the Lunar New Year’s best-loved traditions.

Decking Out in Red & Gold  Even Neon!

Bright colors should definitely be worn during this festive season, for it brings prosperity, luck and positivity in the New Year. So get those stunning clothes on and usher in the New Year with a great party!

Watching the Lunar New Year Special

Hebe, EXO and Guo Shu Yao (top to bottom)

Celebrate with the 2014 Super Star: A Red & White Lunar New Year Special, which promises nothing but fun, packed-to-the-brim exciting performances from EXO, Dream Girls, Hebe and more!

What are the biggest celebrations in your part of the world?

Solutions to Life’s Problems From Dramaland: Part 1

We all have certain adversities in our lives that we may have a hard time overcoming. Whether they involve physical injury, heartbreak, or both, sometimes we need some help from role models who have been through the same situation. Luckily, we have dramas! Here are some of our favorite solutions to life’s problems that can be learned from Dramaland:

Are you a rebellious bully with no social skills? A mothers love is all you need to turn your life around. There was no one we wanted to hug in Heirs” more than Choi Young Do (played by Kim Woo Bin).

Are you having trouble with your reputation in the media? Just enter into a contract marriage with the nearest tabloid reporter, like Prime Minister candidate Kwon Yul (played by Lee Beom Soo) did in The Prime Minister Is Dating.” All your troubles will disappear.

Are you a smuggling gangster who always gets into fights? Buns stuffed with sticky birds nest are the best home remedy for cuts and bruises. The birds nest helps your skin heal quickly, so eat up like Poong Cha (played by Jo Dal Hwan) and Jung Tae (played by Kim Hyun Joong) in Inspiring Generation!

Does your crush fail to notice you at all? All you have to do is fall asleep in the same room with him, like Kotoko in Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo. Without fail, seeing you in a state of peaceful slumber will melt his heart and make him fall in love with you.

Disclaimer: We can’t guarantee that using Dramaland problem-solving techniques will actually work in the real world, so try them at your own risk! But let us know if any of these ideas work for you!

Cartoons You Should Watch This Year

Ever wonder where all our favorite telenovelas and K-dramas get their inspiration from? Shows like City Hunter, Playful Kissand Boys Over Flowersare all based on famous mangas and cartoons! Want to know what shows might soon become dramas or just looking for something new to watch? Check out this list of our favorite cartoons that we think you should watch this year!

Ten-year old Ben Tennyson finds an out-of-this-world device, known as the Omnitrix, which gives him the power to shape shift into any alien in the universe! Check out Bens adventures as he travels around the world, protecting the Earth from evil alien threats!

Koutetsu Sangokushi

Based on a legendary Chinese tale, this exciting Japanese anime follows the story of a great power struggle. The hero, Rikuson Hakugen, goes against the norm and decides to fight as the Red Warrior and guard the Imperial Seal. For those who loved Gu Family Book” and Warrior Baek Dong Soo, this is the perfect cartoon for you!

Popeye the Sailor

This American classic features the iconic 1930s cartoon character, Popeye, who eats his spinach in an effort to stop his nemesis Bluto from making inappropriate advances on his girl, Olive Oyl. Lovable and fun, this classic American cartoon character is now recognized all over the world.

The Rose of Versailles

Following the tale of a young French woman raised as a boy during the French Revolution, Oscar François de Jarjayes becomes tasked with protecting the famous Marie-Antoinette. This shoujo anime title marks one of the beginnings of modern Japanese anime and has a plot that those who enjoyed gender-bending dramas like Coffee Princeand You’re Beautiful” will love!

Which cartoon is your favorite? Which one do you think should be made into a drama one day? Let us know in the comments below!

Sealed With a ‘Mischievous Kiss’

Do you remember the dreamy Baek Seung Jo (played by Kim Hyun Joong) in the Korean drama Playful Kiss? He stole fans hearts with his fabulous looks and sheer brilliance. But wait until you see Japans answer to the hit K-drama!

If you loved the Playful Kiss story of high school romance, check out the 2013 Japanese adaptation Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo,” which will be available on Viki soon! Catch the trailer below.

The Japanese drama adaptation features a high school love story between the lovable scatterbrain Kotoko Aihara (played by Miki Honoka) and the suave and intelligent Naoki Irie (played by Yuki Furukawa). It brings back some of the hit classic manga’s most memorable scenes! Here are a couple of them.

The First Kiss

The Korean drama features Ha Ni and Seung Jo sharing their first kiss at their high school graduation party.

In Playful Kiss, Ha Ni and Seung Jo have their first kiss at school 

The sudden kiss, when portrayed in the Japanese version, catches Kotoko off-guard and makes her realize that she is falling deeper in love.


The Rain Kiss

For fans of Playful Kiss, this is a highlight of the story, where Seung Jo admits his love and leaves Ha Ni completely speechless. Its also one hot kiss!

Both dramas depict the innocence of high school puppy love, and these are just two of our favorite scenes. Which adaptation is your favorite and what scenes do you like best?

Favorite the Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo channel to watch the series once episodes are uploaded!