Cartoons You Should Watch This Year

Ever wonder where all our favorite telenovelas and K-dramas get their inspiration from? Shows like City Hunter, Playful Kissand Boys Over Flowersare all based on famous mangas and cartoons! Want to know what shows might soon become dramas or just looking for something new to watch? Check out this list of our favorite cartoons that we think you should watch this year!

Ten-year old Ben Tennyson finds an out-of-this-world device, known as the Omnitrix, which gives him the power to shape shift into any alien in the universe! Check out Bens adventures as he travels around the world, protecting the Earth from evil alien threats!

Koutetsu Sangokushi

Based on a legendary Chinese tale, this exciting Japanese anime follows the story of a great power struggle. The hero, Rikuson Hakugen, goes against the norm and decides to fight as the Red Warrior and guard the Imperial Seal. For those who loved Gu Family Book” and Warrior Baek Dong Soo, this is the perfect cartoon for you!

Popeye the Sailor

This American classic features the iconic 1930s cartoon character, Popeye, who eats his spinach in an effort to stop his nemesis Bluto from making inappropriate advances on his girl, Olive Oyl. Lovable and fun, this classic American cartoon character is now recognized all over the world.

The Rose of Versailles

Following the tale of a young French woman raised as a boy during the French Revolution, Oscar François de Jarjayes becomes tasked with protecting the famous Marie-Antoinette. This shoujo anime title marks one of the beginnings of modern Japanese anime and has a plot that those who enjoyed gender-bending dramas like Coffee Princeand You’re Beautiful” will love!

Which cartoon is your favorite? Which one do you think should be made into a drama one day? Let us know in the comments below!