History Comes To Life in Dramas

The eagerly awaited historical drama, Inspiring Generation, starring Kim Hyun Joong has finally arrived! The action packed show, set in 1930’s Shanghai, is a story of justice, revenge and love.

Historical dramas are one of our favorite genres here at Viki! We can’t get enough of the costumes, sets, history, sword fights and epic stories. Here are some other historical dramas you should check out.

During the Chosun Dynasty, a woman takes her brother's identity to enroll in the prestigious Sungkyunkwan University to help support her family.  But how long can she keep her true identity a secret?

Park Min Young goes to extremes to keep her real identity hidden

This Indonesian action comedy is about an unlikely group of amateur soldiers who band together during the Military Aggression II of 1948. It’s an inspirational story of courage and patriotism.

In 14th Century China during the Yuan Dynasty, a monk predicts that whoever wields the two powerful weapons, known as the heavenly sword and dragon saber, will rule the land and bring peace. A man named Zhang Wuji learns that his fate is linked to the two weapons, but will he be able to bring peace to the disgruntled masses?

Much like Inspiring Generation, the K-Drama Bridal Mask is also set in the 1930s; but this story takes place in the dark period of Japanese occupation in Korea. Joo Won stars as a martial artist who uses his incredible skills to lead an independent movement against Japanese imperialists. He wears a traditional bridal mask (gaksital) to hide his true identity.

Which historical drama is your favorite? Tell us which classic stories we missed in our list!