‘Inspiring Generation’ Recap: Most Memorable Moments of Premiere

The much-anticipated historical epic, Inspiring Generation, finally premiered this week! The first episode is filled with both sweet romance and intense fighting, introducing us to all three leading characters. You can watch the exciting first episode for yourself. Here is what we thought were the most memorable moments from the premiere of what promises to be a great new historic drama.

Gayas Entrance: The episode opens with an unknown man being hurled across the room. He crashes to the floor, and we hear the voice of the female lead, Deguchi Gayas (played by Lim Soo Hyang), calling out the names of famous mountains. Kneeling next to the man and shaking with anger, Gaya asks the man, Where … shall I bury you?

Jung Tae in the Ring: Directly after Gayas entrance, were transported to a boxing ring, where our hero, Shin Jung Tae (played by Kim Hyun Joong), lies dazed on a dirt floor. With onlookers cheering and placing bets, Jung Tae musters the energy to return to his feet and lunge toward his opponent. But will it be enough for him to win the fight and the cash prize?

Makeup Mishap: After the violence and intensity of the opening sequence, this light-hearted segment is a breath of fresh air. Were taken back in time to Jung Taes childhood, where he is welcomed to a medicine shop by the bright-eyed Yoon Ok Ryeon (played by Jin Se Yeon). In a rush to hide a blemish on her chin before her handsome crushs arrival, Ok Ryeon applies far too much white makeup. She can barely hide how excited she is to see Jung Tae, and he can barely hide his amusement at her makeup mishap.

A Ride Through Fields of Gold: As we may remember from the first scene in the episode, Deguchi Gaya is a strong, formidable woman. She is strong even in her youth, having to deal with family responsibilities and the threat of violence almost everyday. When Jung Tae takes her out of town to a field of wildflowers, she lets her hair down and smiles freely for the first time. This scene includes wide shots of the beautiful country landscape and a lovely soundtrack as well.

Did the first episode of Inspiring Generation live up to your expectations? Let us know what your favorite moments were in the comments, and check out episode 2!