Who Wore it Better? ‘Boys Over Flowers’ Hairstyles

For fans of the wildly successful Korean drama “Boys Over Flowers,” there is no feature more iconic than Gu Jun Pyo’s curly, permed hair. And Ji Hoo’s flowing red locks are a close second. But what’s so important about the hairstyle in the making of international versions of the show?

These hairstyles, some of which are adopted from the original Japanese manga, tell us a story about the characters and match their personalities. Gu Jun Pyo’s curly, almost over-styled hair is a sign of his wealth and rebellious nature. Ji Hoo’s straight, lighter hair adds to his peaceful, angelic presence.

Check out all of the cast members and decide which hairstyle you like best!
As you can see from the photo comparison above, some versions of the TV show have featured characters with hair completely different from the original manga. One of the biggest differences between the American characters of “Boys Before Friends” and their Asian counterparts is that their haircuts are mostly short. Liam Montgomery (Gu Jun Pyo’s counterpart) starts out the series with a long, wavy ponytail but cuts it off in Episode 2.

Shorter hairstyles in the American version probably point to a cultural difference between what is fashionable for young men in the United States and in Asia, as well as the fashion of the year each show was filmed.

What do you think of the American F4’s hair and fashion compared to the characters from Asia? Let us know!

Lee Min Ho and Joseph Almani show off their hairstyles for BBF