Meet Yuria — New to the Community Team

Hi, everyone! My name is Yuria (username: yuriality), and I’m a new member of the Community Team at Viki. I’ll be working with Mariko (mariko), Brittany (brovo) and Stephanie (catchlight) to support and interact with the Viki community, especially the Japanese-language community and the community around Japanese-language titles!

I was born and raised in Japan, and I have always been interested in music, movies and TV shows from around the world. It actually helped me learn English and, of course, learn about different cultures. So I’m really excited to be communicating with Viki’s global fans on a day-to-day basis.

I can’t wait to get to know all of you and learn more about the Viki community. Please come by and say “hi”!

I look forward to hearing from you! :)

Yuria, Viki Community Team
皆さん初めまして。Vikiの日本のコミュニティーマネージャーとして新しくチームに加わったゆりあ (yuriality) です。これからコミュニティーチームのまりこ(mariko), Brittany (brovo), Stephanie (catchlight) と一緒にVikiコミュニティーのサポート、皆さんとのコミュニケーションに携わっていきます。



それでは、皆さんからのメッセージを楽しみにしています! :)

How Well Do You Know Celebrity Six-Packs?

Drama fans watch their favorite series for the riveting storyline, the complex characters, and the exciting suspense. Its definitely not because of the steamy shower scenes, or other exhibitions of rampant six-packs that have overtaken the drama manscape.

You probably skip these scenes to move on to the real story, and you certainly don’t pause the scene to watch them again, like the following shower scene of Song Seung Heon in My Princess.

Gong Yoo discovers his chocolate abs in Big.
So even if you don’t pay attention to them at all, we want to test your Drama Six-Pack IQ. How many of the following celebrities can you identify just by looking at their six-packs? 

Let the games begin! 

1. Who owns this tastefully-tan torso?

2. How many crunches would it take to look like this?

3. Someone’s ready to take a dip; can we join?

4. If we subscribe to Men’s Health, do we get the man on the cover, too?

5. Is there any room for me in those jeans?

6. This boy-next-door on the beach stars in one of the best American comedy shows.

See the answers to these celebrity six-packs below. How many did you get right?

  1. Godfrey Gao  of Never Give Up, Dodo!
  2. Jeon Ji Hyeon of My Love From the Star
  3. Jung Il Woo of Golden Rainbow
  4. Lee Beom Soo of The Prime Minister Is Dating
  5. Vanness Wu of Ti Amo Chocolate
  6. John Krasinski of The Office
Score Yourself!
  • 4 or more correct: You have a near photographic memory and probably have a Ph.D in Chocolate Ab-ology.
  • 2-3 correct: Your mental encyclopedia of abs should probably be expanded to include non-Korean six-packs! There is so much to see outside Seoul.
  • 1 or 0 correct: You need to watch more dramas to increase your Drama Six-Pack IQ so that you can score higher on our next test. We highly recommend When a Man Loves,” Heirs” and the currently airing “Inspiring Generation.

Special thanks to cornishpixie and the Beauty Queen Team at the Miss Korea channel for starting this great game!

Win Prizes From Innocent Lilies and

Watch the exciting J-drama “Innocent Lilies” starring (でんぱ組.inc) about a group of young girls who come to study at the White Witch Academy.

We’ve got a fun scavenger hunt for you! Follow the questions below to get started. You must answer them in order, as the answers to each question will lead you to the next step! Leave all the answers as a comment on this blog. Good luck!

1. In the opening title sequence, how many girls have their hair fully down (not pulled back or up in any way)?
The answer is A.

Watch the first video below to get started!

2. In episode A, how many times is the “Happy-purupuru-people-roon” spell said?
The answer is B.

3. In episode number 10, at B minutes timestamp, two people are fighting. The winner of the fight has what color gemstone in her headpiece?
The answer is C.

4. In episode 7, the character with the C-colored hair decoration changes color. What color does she become? 
The answer is D.

5. There’s a girl in a D-colored hood in episode 3. Who is she?
The answer is E.

6. In episode 9, E hands a bouquet of lilies to someone. To whom does she give the lilies?
The answer is F.

7. During her duel in episode 10, what is the third magic/weapon used by F?

TV Asahi has generously provided prizes! The recipients of the prizes will be randomly selected by Viki, from those who arrive at the final answer.

3 -- Innocent Lilies poster autographed by
3 -- Innocent Lilies plastic file folder autographed by
3 -- Still photo of Moga in costume autographed by

You have until March 6th to submit your answers. Good luck!

Viki Is Going to KPOPCON 2014!

Calling all K-pop and K-drama fans  Viki is going to KPOPCON 2014! This student-run fan convention is in its third year and were excited to be a sponsor once again. Want to win free tickets? Check out the details of our ticket giveaway at the bottom of this post.

KPOPCON 2014 (official website)
Where: UC Berkeley, California
When: March 8-9, 2014

If you come to KPOPCON, be sure to hang out with the Viki team at the following events:

Day 1  March 8, 2014

3:10-4:40 p.m. — K-Drama Discussion Panel featuring Dramabeans!

5-6:45 p.m.  K-Drama Screening and Subtitle Workshop

7-9 p.m.  On-Stage Performances, with Viki prize giveaways

Day 2  March 9, 2014

1-4 p.m.  Fan Meetup: get your own Viki headphones and tote bags!

Get your very own Viki swag at KPOPCON
KPOPCON Ticket Giveaway: Enter by February 28 to win!

2. Tell us what you want us to ask Dramabeans during our panel discussion about K-pop idols in dramas. 
3. Use the #KPOPCON14 hashtag in your tweet.

Example: I want @Viki to ask Dramabeans which idol is the best K-Drama actor? at #KPOPCON14

You can submit your tweets until Friday, February 28, at 11:59 p.m. PST. To increase your chances of winning, you can tweet as many different questions as you would like. One lucky winner will be selected over the weekend!

Guess Who’s Preparing to Leave for Military Service?

UPDATE: Park Ki Woong, star of hit dramas Bridal Mask and Full House Take 2, as well as the reality show Heart Is Beating, has just enlisted in the Korean military as a police officer.

Recent news revealed that top actors Choi Jin Hyuk (Heirs, Gu Family Book) and Yoo Ah In (Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Jang Ok Jeong, Lives in Love) have started preparing for their two-year mandatory Korean military service. Both actors are already in their late 20s and working hard on multiple acting projects, so were sad to see them leave during their peak. The agencies representing the actors confirmed that Choi Jin Hyuk and Yoo Ah In have passed the first audition required to join the special celebrity division of the police force.

Yoo Ah In and Choi Jin Hyuk may be heading to the military soon
 You can catch a glimpse of Choi Jin Hyuk in the trailer for Gu Family Book, the drama that catapulted him to stardom, below:

Yoo Ah In was born on October 6, 1986, and Choi Jin Hyuk was born on February 9, 1986. Other favorite actors born in the same year and eligible for military enlistment include:

Kim Hyun Joong (June 6, 1986)  currently starring in Inspiring Generation. You can see his army-ready physique in the trailer here:

Park Yoochun (June 4, 1986)  preparing for the action drama Three Days, premiering on Viki March 5.

Yoon Shi Yoon (September 26, 1986) — recently finished The Prime Minister is Dating but did not get the girl. We want him to have one more chance before he leaves for the military!

Can you believe the adorable Yoon Shi Yoon is old enough to enlist in the military?

Which Korean star would you miss the most if he left to serve the mandatory military service?




Vikiできっとあなたもお気に入りの動画が見つかるはず!ロマンチックな気分の時は、韓国ドラマの20’s 、演技派俳優(それにイケメン!)のマリオ・マウラー主演の中国短編映画To Each a Flower など、魅力的なタイトルが目白押し!中国のドラマLe Jun Kaiは復讐がテーマ、そしてホラーファンには、都市伝説が現実に起きてしまう韓国のMuoi: The Legend of a Portraitも必見です。また、Kポップがお好きな方にはEXO Brown Eyed Girls がおすすめ。もちろん、あのなつかしいアニメ、Popeye (ポパイ) Felix the Cat (フィリックス・ザ・キャット) も見ることができます!



Win Big in the Final Winter Olympics Challenge!

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games are coming to a close! What does this mean for you and Viki? First, it means all your favorite dramas will return to their regular schedule; check our blog for the latest updates on postponed episodes.

Second, it means that its time for one last round of the Winter Olympics competition! Complete the final challenge, and you could win one month of free Viki Pass (Watch Viki in HD with no ads, worth $3.99USD)!

Answer the questions below as a comment on this blog post, and don’t forget to write your Viki username. Also, share this post on your Facebook page or Twitter to increase your chances of winning. You have until Sunday, February 23, at 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time) to submit your answers. Good luck!

 Viki Winter Olympics Final Challenge

1. In Episode 7 of Mischievous Kiss: Love in TOKYO, how many tennis balls does Kotoko dodge while shes cleaning up the court?

2. In the Winter Olympics Episode of Running Man, name one of the chores performed by the players at the cabin (example: sweeping, or taking out the trash).

3. Write out the text of one of the timed comments you see on the first episode of Birdie Buddyand include the timestamp of the comment. (Example: Her tan line doesnt make sense. 3:24) Try not to use the same comment as another participant!

Remember, you will have until Sunday, February 23, at 11:59 p.m. PST to submit your entries. The winner will receive one month of free Viki Pass. Good luck!