Funny Scenes From ‘Boys Before Friends’

By now, youve probably heard of Boys Before Friends, the currently airing American remake of the famed Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango. One of the most popular versions is the Korean drama Boys Over Flowers. Whether youve kept up with all four episodes of the new remake or have yet to get started, were here to bring you up to speed with the funniest moments so far from the American series. Not all of the comedy was intentional, but it kept us watching nonetheless.

Episode 1

Here, we get acquainted with the intimidating bullies known as the F4. Leader Liam Montgomery ceremoniously pulls out a pair of scissors (does he carry those everywhere?), and chops off a classmates ponytail. The student doesnt seem to resist and just takes his punishment for whatever wrong he may have committed against the powerful leader of the F4. The other F4 members stand solemnly in the background, but were sure that theyre holding back smiles during this ridiculous moment.

Zoey finally stands up to the F4, and they find a creative way to take revenge. Zoey goes to dance in the practice room at school, but she walks in to find the hardwood floor covered in slippery wax! She flops around the floor like a fish before giving up entirely.

The tables are turned once again when Zoey and her friends, the "Z3," pour food coloring into the boys' shampoo. Their pouty, multi-colored faces are priceless, but it looks like Oliver emerged unaffected! Oliver's reply to his friends' resentful glares? "What? I don't shower here." 

See the F4 get out-smarted with fake shampoo in Episode 1 of Boys Over Friends.

Liam may be the leader of the most feared group on campus, but he cowers under Zoeys fierce presence. He doesnt quite know how to handle a fearless woman who doesn’t swoon or cower in his presence.


Some fans have commented that the American Zoey is too tough for her character, but lets not forget Geum Jan Dis epic spinning back kick in Episode 2 of Boys Over Flowers. You go, girls! 


Of course, Zoey isnt finished taking out her anger on Liam. He tries to go in for a kiss but gets a nasty surprise instead.

You may have noticed that the girl dousing Liam with a drink in the last scene was a different actress from the Zoey in Episode 1. The production company decided to cast a second actress named Dawn Morrow to take over the role of Zoey during the filming process and the switch occurred with a makeover in Episode 2. Poor Liam cant catch a break no matter which Zoey hes dealing with! Heres even more scenes where Zoey puts Liam in his place:


But to find out how Zoey’s attitude toward Liam begins to change in Episode 4 (see below) and beyond, make sure to favorite the Boys Before Friends channel on Viki. 

Be sure to tell us which scenes you thought were hilarious so far in this series!

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