Lost in Translation: 11 Epic Subtitle Fails

Weve all been there: Watching a foreign-language show late one night and suddenly, what the...? You know you could have written better subtitles, and you dont even speak the language!

Of course we think Vikis fan-created subtitles are pretty awesome, but that doesnt mean we cant make fun of other epic fails.

Read on and dont forget to share yours!

We hate it when that happens.

We hope its not contagious.

Someone is really not paying attention.

Go home, subtitles, youre drunk!

Saturday mornings are more serious than we remember.

We didnt realize that was part of the Lunar calendar.

Helpful, dude.

Subtitles, you had ONE job

TMI, girlfriend, TMI.

Wait, is this show about zombies???

You were this close