The Couch Potato’s Way of Taking Part in the Olympics

OK, so we will probably never know what it feels like to be a true Olympic athlete. That would require us to go to the gym and  exercise  and stuff. But have you always wanted to know the thrill of competition without having to get off the couch? Viki makes it easy for you to take the lazy way out and live vicariously by watching these sports-themed episodes of your favorite shows!


A young man born into poverty tries to find a better future through the early full-contact sport of basketball as part of the unified Korean basketball team to make it to the 1948 Olympics. Who knew the sport could be so sweaty and sexy at the same time?


An aspiring young figure skater gets more than she bargained for when reunites with her stepbrother after she moves to Seoul to train. The outfits, the triple axel, the arabesque — we may not know what these terms actually mean but we know we like watching the graceful moves. 

Tension boils over the big swim competition at school. Our favorite flower boys Ji Hoo (played by Kim Hyun Joong) and Yee Jung (played by Kim Bum) suit up and get wet for the big meet.

Michael Scott (played by Steve Carell) resorts to some unusual management skills with his employees. In this episode, he challenges the warehouse workers to a game of basketball to determine who has to work on a Saturday. Some of the employees may have taken the game a little too seriously (were looking at you, Dwight, with the full face guard). 

Naoke and Kotoko play a doubles tennis game against Yuko and Sudo. But will the friendly match stay friendly?

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