Win Prizes From Innocent Lilies and

Watch the exciting J-drama “Innocent Lilies” starring (でんぱ組.inc) about a group of young girls who come to study at the White Witch Academy.

We’ve got a fun scavenger hunt for you! Follow the questions below to get started. You must answer them in order, as the answers to each question will lead you to the next step! Leave all the answers as a comment on this blog. Good luck!

1. In the opening title sequence, how many girls have their hair fully down (not pulled back or up in any way)?
The answer is A.

Watch the first video below to get started!

2. In episode A, how many times is the “Happy-purupuru-people-roon” spell said?
The answer is B.

3. In episode number 10, at B minutes timestamp, two people are fighting. The winner of the fight has what color gemstone in her headpiece?
The answer is C.

4. In episode 7, the character with the C-colored hair decoration changes color. What color does she become? 
The answer is D.

5. There’s a girl in a D-colored hood in episode 3. Who is she?
The answer is E.

6. In episode 9, E hands a bouquet of lilies to someone. To whom does she give the lilies?
The answer is F.

7. During her duel in episode 10, what is the third magic/weapon used by F?

TV Asahi has generously provided prizes! The recipients of the prizes will be randomly selected by Viki, from those who arrive at the final answer.

3 -- Innocent Lilies poster autographed by
3 -- Innocent Lilies plastic file folder autographed by
3 -- Still photo of Moga in costume autographed by

You have until March 6th to submit your answers. Good luck!