Which Girl Group Rules: SNSD or AKB48?

South Korea’s Girls’ Generation or Japan’s AKB48: which pop girl group reigns supreme?

The ladies of Girls’ Generation (also known as SNSD) and AKB48 are known for their singing and dancing skills, as well as their stylish beauty. But did you know that many of these idols also are actresses in TV dramas and movies? See the variety of acting projects these girls have taken on below.

SNSD vs. AKB48: Which girls group rules in acting?

YoonA in ‘The Prime Minister Is Dating

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA has had the most success in her acting career so far, with leading roles in four Korean dramas. Her most recent work was “The Prime Minister Is Dating,’ in which she played a spunky tabloid reporter who enters a contract marriage with the Prime Minister of Korea.

Haruna Kojima and in ‘Love Stories From Fukuoka’ (Episode 9)

Residents of Fukuoka, Japan, submitted their own real-life experiences with love and heartbreak, which were then acted out on screen by idols such as AKB48 members. Haruna Kojima plays a colleague of the main heroine, Mai, who suffers a traumatic face deformity after a major accident. The spunky friend try to cheer up Mai and get her to come out of her shell to find true love.

Haruna Kojima stars in Episode 9 of "Love Stories from Fukuoka."

Yuri in ‘Fashion King

Girls’ Generation’s Kwon Yuri plays a confident fashion designer named Anna Choi in “Fashion King.” Involved in a complicated love quadrangle with three other designers, Anna’s character combines a sharp intellect with a caring heart. With the deceit and betrayal committed by the other main characters, we can’t help but root for Anna to succeed in “Fashion King.”

Suzuki Mariya in ‘Kokkuri-san’ (Viki Pass Exclusive)

If you don’t like to get spooked, then avoid watching the Japanese horror movie “Kokkuri-san,” starring AKB48’s Suzuki Mariya, with the lights off! The baby-faced idol has earned the nickname of “48 Horror Queen” by acting in scary movies like this one, which is available exclusively to Viki Pass subscribers and Qualified Contributors.

Can you spot the second person in this spooky photo from ‘Kokkuri-san’?

Which girl group do you think has more talented actresses? Are you a fan of Suzuki Mariya’s suspenseful horror movies or YoonA’s funny and bubbly characters? Let us know in the comments!