5 Little-Known Facts About Birthday Boy Park Hae Jin

Happy 30th birthday to Park Hae Jin! As he celebrates a new decade, here are five facts you may not know about this hot Korean actor who is making waves across Asia.

Happy 30th birthday, Park Hae Jin!

He is so near-sighted, he was permanently exempted from military duty. 

The actor is so nearsighted that following a physical exam in 2003, Park was treated for medical issues and permanently exempted from mandatory military service.

His breakout K-drama role was in “East of Eden.”

While “East of Eden” was his third Korean drama, the 2008 series made Park famous. He played the son of a Union leader who was switched at birth with the son of his father’s mortal enemy. In 2008, Park won the MBC Drama Awards Newcomer Award for his role in the K-drama.

Lee Jong Suk thinks his Doctor Stranger co-star is better-looking than he is!

Recently, during a press conference for the upcoming series “Doctor Stranger,” Lee Jong Suk said, “I feel inferior to Park Hae Jin because he’s so good-looking.”

Park Hae Jin and Lee Jong Suk will star together in ‘Doctor Stranger’

Did you love Park as the second male lead in “My Love From the Star?” Watch a trailer for his upcoming series “Doctor Stranger” below:

He’s an avid collector of Gundam figures and sneakers.

Park says he collects the Gundam plastic model kits and sneakers. He hopes his popularity helps to increase sneaker sales when he is photographed wearing certain styles.

He’s a popular Hallyu star in China and has been on Chinese TV shows.

Park debuted in China through his drama “Famous Princesses.” He's also acted in Chinese productions such as  “Duo Duo’s Marriage” in 2011 and "Far Away Love"in 2013.

Park Hae Jin debuted in China through his drama ‘Famous Princesses’
What do you like most about this versatile actor? Let us know in the comments below!

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Favorite K-Drama Couples of the Past Year

While watching a K-drama, do you sometimes catch yourself wishing your favorite onscreen couple were together in real life? The chemistry between the two main characters is so convincing that the romance almost seems real. It also doesn’t hurt that the couples look stunning together.

The research firm Tillion polled more than 10,000 netizens about their favorite on-screen couples from the past year. See if your favorite made the list below:

1. My Love From the Star — Min Joon and Song Yi

Do Min Joon (played by Kim Soo Hyun) is an alien who has been living on Earth in human form for the past 400 years. In modern-day Korea, his neighbor turns out to be famous actress Cheon Song Yi (played by Jun Ji Hyun). Min Joon falls in love with her charming and arrogant ways, but can the cross-species couple possibly have a lasting future together? 

Love knows no intergalactic boundaries, judging by this romantic kiss:

2. Heirs — Eun Sang and Tan

Kim Tan (played by Lee Min Ho) grew up living a privileged life as the heir to the Empire Group. Meanwhile, Cha Eun Sang (played by Park Shin Hye) struggled to earn enough money as she shoulders the responsibilities for her fractured family. When Tan falls in love with Eun Sang, the daughter of his family’s housekeeper, the sparks between the two young lovers proves that money and class can’t keep destined lovers apart.

3. Reply 1994 — Na Jung and Trash

Sung Na Jung (played by Go Ah Ra) is a modern-day Seoul woman living with her husband and son. Flashback to the year 1994, when her parents moved from the countryside into the big city of Seoul to run a student boarding house. Among the new residents, one would become her future husband. Na Jung has always liked Trash (played by Jung Woo), a third-year medical student who grew up with her as an older brother figure. The easy-going affection between the two is heartwarming. But can Trash look at Na Jung as anything other than a younger sister? 

4. Heirs - Young Do and Eun Sang

Choi Young Do (played by Kim Woo Bin) is the classic rich bad boy who expresses his interest in Eun Sang by bullying her. He remains mean to others but has a soft spot towards her and often protects her from danger. Will Young Do be able to win her away from Tan or is he doomed to play the third wheel? 

5. Master’s Sun - Gong Sil and Joong Won

After an accident, Tae Gong Sil (played by Gong Hyo Jin) has the ability to see ghosts. Her boss is the cold and ambitious Joo Joong Won (played by So Ji Sub). At first, Joong Won tries to push her away but as they grow closer, he learns to trust Gong Sil and even falls in love with her. Can he save her from the scary world of ghosts? 

Watch some highlights from this ghostly drama now to see the genuine chemistry between the two stars:

6. I Hear Your Voice — Hye Sung and Soo Ha

The “noona” relationship (older woman and younger man) has been a popular theme explored in recent K-dramas. Jang Hye Sung (played by Lee Bo Young) is a witty, sharp-tongued attorney who only cares about herself. Park Soo Ha (played by Lee Jong Suk) has the power to read other people’s minds. Hye Sung is actually Soo Ha’s first love and when he was a boy, he promised to always protect her from danger. Is he able to keep his promise as time passes?

Watch the trailer below to see the attraction!

Did your favorite K-drama couples make our list? If not, let us know in the comments! 

Which K-drama couples do you think will top the list for the coming year? Here are some of our top contenders so far.

Cunning Single Lady — Jung Woo and Ae Ra

Na Ae Ra (played by Lee Min Jung) marries computer genius Cha Jung Woo (played by Joo Sang Wook), but she divorces him when he fails to achieve the success he promised. When Ae Ra learns that her ex-husband is now the successful president of D&T Software Ventures, she is determined to seek revenge for the pain and suffering endured while they were married. Will she be able to win her ex-husband back?

Emergency Couple — Jin Hee and Chang Min

Family disapproval and pressures drove married couple Jin Hee (played by Song Ji Hyo) and Chang Min (played by Choi Jin Hyuk) apart, but they unexpectedly meet again several years later as medical interns at the same hospital. Will they be able to keep their past issues hidden and survive their three-month rotation of working together? 

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Get Excited! New Thai Movies now on Viki!

We're always continuing to expand our library of content to reach more fans worldwide. We're happy to share the recent addition of new Thai movies! Are you having trouble figuring out what to watch first? See below for suggested movies, or find other ones here.

1. The Dog - Mario Maurer, Boy Pakorn, and Kotee Aramboy

Everyone has fallen in love with an adorable canine named "Snow Dog" except three men, played by Mario Maurer, Boy Pakorn, and Kotee Aramboy, who plot to kidnap the dog. After succeeding, trouble soon follows as they're being hunted by a mysterious gunman! Will they survive?

Watch the trailer to find out more.

Yep, the white furball in the right corner is "Snow Dog"!
You can also catch Mario Maurer in the movie "To Each A Flower".

2. Happy Birthday - Ananda Everingham and Chayanan Manomaisantiphap

While they've never met in real life, Ten (played by Ananda Everingham), a photographer, and Pao (played by Chayanan Manomaisantiphap), a tour guide, grow close through letters written and sent to each other for a travel book. One day by chance, they finally meet and love begins to blossom. Will their promise to be together forever last, or does distance drive them apart?

If you haven't heard of Ananda Everingham, here are a few fun facts to know. He was discovered by GMM Grammy, Thailand's largest entertainment company, at the young age of 14 while working in his parent's restaurant. He is best known for his lead role in the 2004 horror film, Shutter, which was remade in America in 2008.

Do you agree that he's a handsome leading man?
3. The Gig - Kittikhun Sumritpansuk and Aphistaa Khreauakhongkhaa

At his university, Yai (played by Kittikhun Sumritpansuk) is a third-year Art Communications major who is the proud leader of the popular Gig Club. The club tries to help other students who haven't been so lucky in love. But more importantly, the club teaches the art of becoming a 'gig', a person who is more than a friend but less than a lover. Is it possible to have the best of both worlds - the benefits of a relationship without all the responsibilities?

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Join Viki and Marlee Matlin on the Billion Words March!

Our mission at Viki has always been to bring down language barriers that stand between great entertainment and fans everywhere

Today, we take another important step toward that goal as we partner with Academy Award-winning actress Marlee Matlin to kick off the Billion Words March, a year-long campaign to champion access to online TV shows and movies for 360 million people worldwide with deafness and hearing loss

Oscar-winning actress
and closed captioning advocate
Marlee Matlin
The BWM is our response to the recent FCC regulation that mandates improved closed captioning for broadcast TV and video streaming platforms in the US. 

In addition to helping the deaf and hearing impaired, closed captions can help anyone retain information more efficiently, and according to Viki fans, even learn other languages.

With our innovative crowdsourced subtitling technology and amazing community of fans worldwide, Viki has always met these requirements, but we need your help to encourage all governments to take this important step. Contact your local officials today.

Want to help subtitle/caption?

Make TV shows and movies more accessible for everyone by joining Viki's global community of subtitlers and help us reach 1 BILLION words subtitled/captioned before 2015! Visit www.BillionWordsMarch.com or Viki U to get started.

Meet Dee — Newest Member of Viki Community Team

Hey, everyone! My name is Dee and I’m excited to be joining the Community Team at Viki. I’ve been a Viki member and avid follower of Asian pop culture and entertainment for years, so it’s really great to be working here. Some of my favorite dramas are “Fated to Love You,” “Answer Me 1997,” and “Queen of Housewives.” I’d love to hear which shows you think I should watch next! 

The passionate Viki community has wowed me for years, and I can’t wait to get to know all of you better and talk about all your favorite TV shows and movies from around the world. Feel free to send me a message, even to just say hi! :)

Add New Drama ‘Lovestore at the Corner’ to Your Watch List

Don’t miss the exciting story of three people whose lives are bound together like a book in the new Taiwanese drama Lovestore at the Corner. The romantic drama features Lee Wei (My Lucky Star, “Bull Fighting), Nikki Hsieh (Princess’ Stand In, Alien Huang (Sweet Sweet Bodyguard), Tracy Chou and Chloe Wang.

The story revolves around Xiang Shu Lei (Wei), who comes from a family of doctors. Although he has a girlfriend, Du Ke Jie (Chou), he also has a relationship with Dong Xin Ni (Wang). One day, Ke Jie goes on a trip to the mountains alone and mysteriously disappearsKe Jie’s disappearance causes turmoil between the guilt-ridden Shu Lei and Xin Ni, and the two part ways. When Ke Jie’s parents finally accept the fact that Ke Jie is never going to come back, they start packing up her belongings. But they don’t realize that Shu Lei has secretly taken Ke Jie’s book collection. 

But tragedy then befalls Shu Lei, and he loses his memory in a sudden car accident. He moves to a small town and uses Ke Jie’s books to open a bookstore. One day, Ke Jie’s younger sister, Ke Xing (Hsieh), finds his bookstore. Can she help revive Shu Lei’s memories and learn what really happened to Ke Jie on the mountain?

Watch the first episode of the suspenseful drama below!

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Get the Sold-Out YSL Lipstick Worn in ‘My Love From the Star’

Are you still sad that “My Love From the Star” has ended? Well, here’s your chance to get a piece of the popular show to keep with you forever. If you are anything like women all over the world, you were probably wondering what signature shade made Cheon Song Yi (played by Gianna Jun) simply irresistible to alien Do Min Joon (played by Kim Soo Hyun).

Song Yi’s signature lipstick shade — YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture No. 52, a coral-based pink — has been in such demand since the end of the drama series that the lipstick has sold out of department stores worldwide! The lipstick is being sold on the online auction site eBay for up to $100 per tube when it retails regularly for $35 USD.

But Viki is excited to announce a special giveaway for lucky fans of the gorgeous YSL shade worn by Gianna Jun’s character in the popular drama! We're going to be giving one lipstick away every week for THREE weeks.

Gianna Jun’s YSL coral lipstick is so popular, it’s sold out worldwide 

The giveaway is only open to users with a Viki Pass subscription or Qualified Contributors (QCs). If you don’t have Viki Pass, you can sign up for a free 7-day trial. Viki Pass will let you watch all your favorite shows in HD and without ads!

To enter the drawing for the YSL lipstick, answer the My Love From the Star Trivia questions in the below link.

Questions like: What dish is Cheon Song Yi cooking in Do Min Joon’s jealous daydream?

The deadline to submit your entries for the giveaway is 12 p.m. (noon) May 7 PST. One winner will be selected every week on April 23, April 30 and May 7. They will be notified via PM on Viki.

Good luck!








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Aaron Yan: Bad Boy or Total Sweetheart?

Have you seen Aaron Yan in “Just You” and still can’t get enough ? Not to worry. He’s starring in the new drama “Fall in Love With Me.” In his newest drama, Yan plays Lu Tian Xing, a ruthless advertising prodigy by day and a conservative, glasses-wearing shy fellow named Xiao Lu by night. But in “Just You,” Yan plays a cold-hearted CEO who eventually warms to his colleagues and housemate.

Which leads us to the question … is Aaron Yan a bad boy or a real sweetheart? Let’s compare below:

Bad Boy: Yan’s character, Qi Yi, has absolutely no problems judging you during meal times, just like he coldly judges his housemate, Liang Liang (played by Puff Guo), in “Just You.”

You want to say that again? Because I’m totally judging you.
Sweetheart: But sometimes, Yan’s character is the one being judged, and he’s kind of cute when he’s embarrassed about it. No one would dare judge the marketing prodigy, Tian Xing, in “Fall in Love With Me,” but maybe we’d tease his alter-ego, Xiao Lu?

Uh … sorry for being so cute, boss?
Bad Boy: Yan is a relentless boss, both in “Fall in Love With Me” as the ruthless Tian Xing and in “Just You” as Qi Yi. With him around, there’s absolutely no time for fun and games in the office — not to mention dating!

If you have any fun, I’ll know about it!
Sweetheart: But once he warms up to you (like he does with Liang Liang in “Just You”), Yan’s character is not so bad after all — not to mention a total softie. Plus, he’s got a smile that’ll melt your heart! And of course, as Xiao Lu in “Fall in Love With Me,” he’s far from the cold-blooded boss that he used to be!

Hey girl, want to hang out and have some fun?
But no matter what the situation, no one can deny that Aaron Yan works hard and always gets down to business!

Well, let’s hope the fangirls like my new drama!
So what do you think — is Aaron Yan a bad boy or a total sweetie? Let us know in the comments below! And don’t forget to share how excited you are to watch his new drama, “Fall in Love With Me”! 

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