Aaron Yan: Bad Boy or Total Sweetheart?

Have you seen Aaron Yan in “Just You” and still can’t get enough ? Not to worry. He’s starring in the new drama “Fall in Love With Me.” In his newest drama, Yan plays Lu Tian Xing, a ruthless advertising prodigy by day and a conservative, glasses-wearing shy fellow named Xiao Lu by night. But in “Just You,” Yan plays a cold-hearted CEO who eventually warms to his colleagues and housemate.

Which leads us to the question … is Aaron Yan a bad boy or a real sweetheart? Let’s compare below:

Bad Boy: Yan’s character, Qi Yi, has absolutely no problems judging you during meal times, just like he coldly judges his housemate, Liang Liang (played by Puff Guo), in “Just You.”

You want to say that again? Because I’m totally judging you.
Sweetheart: But sometimes, Yan’s character is the one being judged, and he’s kind of cute when he’s embarrassed about it. No one would dare judge the marketing prodigy, Tian Xing, in “Fall in Love With Me,” but maybe we’d tease his alter-ego, Xiao Lu?

Uh … sorry for being so cute, boss?
Bad Boy: Yan is a relentless boss, both in “Fall in Love With Me” as the ruthless Tian Xing and in “Just You” as Qi Yi. With him around, there’s absolutely no time for fun and games in the office — not to mention dating!

If you have any fun, I’ll know about it!
Sweetheart: But once he warms up to you (like he does with Liang Liang in “Just You”), Yan’s character is not so bad after all — not to mention a total softie. Plus, he’s got a smile that’ll melt your heart! And of course, as Xiao Lu in “Fall in Love With Me,” he’s far from the cold-blooded boss that he used to be!

Hey girl, want to hang out and have some fun?
But no matter what the situation, no one can deny that Aaron Yan works hard and always gets down to business!

Well, let’s hope the fangirls like my new drama!
So what do you think — is Aaron Yan a bad boy or a total sweetie? Let us know in the comments below! And don’t forget to share how excited you are to watch his new drama, “Fall in Love With Me”! 

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