Add New Drama ‘Lovestore at the Corner’ to Your Watch List

Don’t miss the exciting story of three people whose lives are bound together like a book in the new Taiwanese drama Lovestore at the Corner. The romantic drama features Lee Wei (My Lucky Star, “Bull Fighting), Nikki Hsieh (Princess’ Stand In, Alien Huang (Sweet Sweet Bodyguard), Tracy Chou and Chloe Wang.

The story revolves around Xiang Shu Lei (Wei), who comes from a family of doctors. Although he has a girlfriend, Du Ke Jie (Chou), he also has a relationship with Dong Xin Ni (Wang). One day, Ke Jie goes on a trip to the mountains alone and mysteriously disappearsKe Jie’s disappearance causes turmoil between the guilt-ridden Shu Lei and Xin Ni, and the two part ways. When Ke Jie’s parents finally accept the fact that Ke Jie is never going to come back, they start packing up her belongings. But they don’t realize that Shu Lei has secretly taken Ke Jie’s book collection. 

But tragedy then befalls Shu Lei, and he loses his memory in a sudden car accident. He moves to a small town and uses Ke Jie’s books to open a bookstore. One day, Ke Jie’s younger sister, Ke Xing (Hsieh), finds his bookstore. Can she help revive Shu Lei’s memories and learn what really happened to Ke Jie on the mountain?

Watch the first episode of the suspenseful drama below!

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