Become a Campus Ambassador -- You Could be Our Next Intern!

Viki's Campus Ambassador Program

Calling all San Francisco Bay Area college students! Want to help spread the word about Viki at your school and potentially experience your first startup internship? We're looking for people like you, fans of Viki, to become our Campus Ambassadors. And we're keeping one summer internship position open that we'll fill from the pool of Campus Ambassadors! If you think that you'll make the perfect Campus Ambassador, fill out this application form.

As a Campus Ambassador, you’ll act as a representative of Viki on your campus and lead one or more of the following activities:
  • Organizing events, like fan meetups or drama screenings
  • Teaching others how to subtitle on Viki
  • Working with language teachers to include Viki in the classroom
Campus Ambassadors will get:
  • A mentor at Viki who'll teach you all you need to know about Viki and support you in your ambassador efforts
  • A stipend
  • Great marketing experience to put on your resume
  • Exclusive prizes such as t-shirts, concert & event tickets, and more
  • A potential summer internship at the Viki office in San Francisco!
To apply for this program, fill out this form so we can get in contact with you to discuss your interests and potential opportunities on your campus.

And if you’re new to volunteering on Viki, check out this blog post for helpful information about getting started!