Get Excited! New Thai Movies now on Viki!

We're always continuing to expand our library of content to reach more fans worldwide. We're happy to share the recent addition of new Thai movies! Are you having trouble figuring out what to watch first? See below for suggested movies, or find other ones here.

1. The Dog - Mario Maurer, Boy Pakorn, and Kotee Aramboy

Everyone has fallen in love with an adorable canine named "Snow Dog" except three men, played by Mario Maurer, Boy Pakorn, and Kotee Aramboy, who plot to kidnap the dog. After succeeding, trouble soon follows as they're being hunted by a mysterious gunman! Will they survive?

Watch the trailer to find out more.

Yep, the white furball in the right corner is "Snow Dog"!
You can also catch Mario Maurer in the movie "To Each A Flower".

2. Happy Birthday - Ananda Everingham and Chayanan Manomaisantiphap

While they've never met in real life, Ten (played by Ananda Everingham), a photographer, and Pao (played by Chayanan Manomaisantiphap), a tour guide, grow close through letters written and sent to each other for a travel book. One day by chance, they finally meet and love begins to blossom. Will their promise to be together forever last, or does distance drive them apart?

If you haven't heard of Ananda Everingham, here are a few fun facts to know. He was discovered by GMM Grammy, Thailand's largest entertainment company, at the young age of 14 while working in his parent's restaurant. He is best known for his lead role in the 2004 horror film, Shutter, which was remade in America in 2008.

Do you agree that he's a handsome leading man?
3. The Gig - Kittikhun Sumritpansuk and Aphistaa Khreauakhongkhaa

At his university, Yai (played by Kittikhun Sumritpansuk) is a third-year Art Communications major who is the proud leader of the popular Gig Club. The club tries to help other students who haven't been so lucky in love. But more importantly, the club teaches the art of becoming a 'gig', a person who is more than a friend but less than a lover. Is it possible to have the best of both worlds - the benefits of a relationship without all the responsibilities?

While most of these movies are available worldwide, some are not available in certain regions. But Qualified Contributors (QCs) can view and contribute to most titles. Read this blog post to learn about how to become a QC.