Join the Black Day Livestream Party with Eat Your Kimchi, April 14th!

You're invited to a very special event with our friends at Eat Your Kimchi! Join Simon and Martina as they celebrate the perfect "Black Day": eating black noodles while watching a Viki drama.

Made popular in Korea, the day to celebrate singlehood (think anti-Valentines) is quickly gaining steam worldwide, including in San Francisco, where some unnamed singles in the Viki office will be eating/watching with you guys and gals...

Join Viki and Eat Your Kimchi for the Black Day live stream party on April 14th!
Date & Time: April 14th, 7:00PM PDT

Where: Live Streaming from Eat Your Kimchi's YouTube channel:
Event recording will be available on the Eat Your Kimchi Viki channel

How to Join the Party: Follow @Viki on Twitter and use hashtag #VikiKimchi to tweet your questions and comments to the hosts. Eat Your Kimchi may reply to your tweets live!

Here's what Viki and Eat Your Kimchi have in store for Black Day:

Black Day, which comes after romantic Valentine's Day (Feb. 14th) and lovey-dovey White Day (March 14th), is a chance for all the single ladies and gentlemen to order takeout black bean noodles and stay at home watching TV. And what better TV show to go with our noodles than "Let's Eat"? We'll be watching Episode 1 during the Black Day live stream party.

Tell Eat Your Kimchi and Viki how you'll be celebrating Black Day on Twitter, using the hashtag #VikiKimchi. You may get a shout-out during the party!