What to Watch: New Can't Miss Shows & Movies!

Grab some popcorn and get ready to watch these great upcoming shows and films! Don't forget to follow the channels so you know when new videos get added and let us know which show you're anticipating most!

The Dog (Movie, Thailand)

See Mario Maurer. We could stop there, but here's the plot anyway: Three men decide to kidnap a famous dog. After a Mission Impossible-style heist, they dognap the pooch, but trouble ensues as they're soon haunted by a mysterious gunman. Available worldwide (except Thailand) and for QCs worldwide. 
Hotel King (TV, Korea)

A sheltered heiress, played by Lee Da Hae, must do all she can to protect her family's hotel after a catastrophe. Lee Dong Wook stars as a cold-hearted hotelier out for revenge. Available in the Americas and for QCs worldwide. 

Fall In Love With Me (TV, Taiwan) 

Aaron Yan is back! He plays an advertising prodigy who decides to take a break from the limelight. He disguises himself with a hat and glasses, but hilarity and trouble brew under his new fake identity. Available in the Americas, Europe, Africa Middle East, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, India and for QCs worldwide.

Watch the trailer now below:

Doctor Stranger (TV, Korea) 

Park Hoon, a genius North Korean doctor, played by Lee Jong Suk, escapes to South Korea and must make a new life for himself and his love. Available in the Americas and for QCs worldwide. 

You're All Surrounded (TV, Korea) 

See Lee Seung Gi and Go Ara in this K-Drama! Can an intelligent but foul-mouthed rookie detective and his team successfully protect the people of the swanky Gangnam area? Available in the Americas and for QCs worldwide. 
Witch's Romance  (TV, Korea) 

See the Korean remake of "My Queen." Follow a reporter who doesn't believe in love after her boyfriend disappeared before their wedding. Available in North America and for QCs worldwide. 


Bunny Drop (Movie, Japan)

27-year-old Daikichi's life is turned upside down when he attends his grandfather's funeral and learns that the grandfather has an illegitimate daughter. Now, Daikichi must become the guardian of the 6-year-old girl. Available in United States, Asia (except China, Taiwan & Korea), and for QCs worldwide. 

Angel Eyes  (TV, Korea)

Can a former blind girl, played by Gu Hye Sun from Boys Over Flowers, reunite with her first love after more than a decade and have a second chance at happiness?  Available in North, South and Central America, Europe and QCs worldwide. 

Watch the trailer now:


Love Scenario (Movie, Japan)

When a famous screenwriter gets writer's block, she comes up with a crazy romantic scheme for inspiration. Available in the United States, Asia (except China, Taiwan & Korea), and for QCs worldwide.