4 New K-Dramas You Don’t Want to Miss!

An exciting new lineup of upcoming Korean dramas promise to bring lots of political, medical and legal intrigue. Get ready to binge on these new K-dramas that also will bring back some of our favorite actors and actresses! Grab some snacks and favorite the channels so you know when new videos are added. Which of these shows are you most excited about?

Doctor Stranger

Lee Jong Suk (from “I Hear Your Voice” and “School 2013”) and Park Hae Jin (from “My Love From the Star”) star in this new medical drama. As a child, Park Hoon (played by Lee), and his father were kidnapped by North Korea.

In North Korea, Hoon was trained to be a doctor and became a genius surgeon. But he flees to South Korea, where he works as a doctor in South Koreas top hospital. Hoon soon misses his home, and he works hard to make money to bring his love over from North Korea. Available in the Americas and for QCs worldwide. 

Watch the trailer now:

You’re All Surrounded

See the trailer for this hilarious new K-drama series that follows a group of rookie detectives in the swanky Gangnam area of Seoul. Eun Dae Koo (played by Lee Seung Gi, from “Gu Family Book and “King 2 Hearts) has an IQ of 150, but he gets by using his brawn instead of his brains. Eo Soo Sun (played by Go Ah Ra) is the only female rookie. Can the new police officers prove their worth? Available in the Americas and for QCs worldwide. 

A New Leaf 

When a ruthless attorney loses his memory after an accident, will he retrace his life to return to his former self or turn over a new leaf? Available in the Americas and for QCs worldwide. 

Watch the first episode now:


JYJ member Kim Jae Joong (from “Dr. Jin” and “Protect the Boss”) stars in this new drama about three brothers who are separated by tragedy and grow up leading very different lives. One brother is a cop and the other is a gangster. But fate brings them back together as their paths cross without the men realizing they are brothers. Available in the Americas and for QCs worldwide. 

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