Learn These 5 Chinese Phrases With Viki!

Learning a new language might seem hard at first, but it’s actually pretty easy. Many Viki fans have shared stories about how they’ve learned new languages by watching dramas and movies on Viki. You’d be surprised at how much you can pick up!

Today, we’re featuring the Chinese dialect of Mandarin. See below as we breakdown and translate some Mandarin phrases into English from popular Taiwanese/Chinese dramas found on Viki.

Never Give Up, Dodo

When Dodo (played by newcomer Yin Hang) and Xu Fei (played by Godfrey Gao) decide to get married, Xu Fei’s siblings come to town to help them with their wedding preparations. But the siblings don’t seem to like Dodo very much. When Dodo puts on her fancy wedding dress, Xu Fei’s brother (who is pictured below in another funny scene with Dodo) criticizes the way she looks in it by saying, “What kind of bad figure is this?”

Man Comes to Tang Dynasty
When Zhi Hao wakes up one day and finds himself in completely unfamiliar surroundings (back in time in the Tang Dynasty) and next to a strange woman, he doesn’t know what to make of the situation. But when the woman tells him that she is his wife, he is very confused and utters, “Darn this!”

Fabulous 30

During a girls’ getaway vacation to Macau with her two best friends, Zhi Qin (played by Albee Huang)  spends the night with a complete stranger. When she returns in the morning to her friends, they show their displeasure by saying, “You’re so dead.”

Dragon Gate

When Mo Yu (played by Alice Ke) is captured along with the prime minister’s daughter by the evil Xiang Yu (played by Tammy Chen) and held inside Dragon Gate, she demands to know, “What are you trying to do?”

Suo Meng Lou

When a beautifully dressed dancer from Shanghai arrives in a small town and goes into the Jiang family shop, they assume she is there to look at the beautiful fabrics instead of to shake up the town with her controversial news. When the workers scurry to attend to the dancer’s needs, they yell at a kitchen worker to bring her some tea, and the worker responds, “Sure thing!”

Tell us in the comments what words you’ve learned from watching Taiwanese/Chinese dramas and movies! Also, which language would you like to see featured next?

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