Marlee Matlin Thanks Viki Volunteers

We love the Viki volunteer community. They work countless hours to subtitle -- in 200 languages and super high quality -- all the TV shows and movies you watch on our site and mobile apps. <3

Many other people appreciate the community's contributions, too. Like Marlee Matlin, Academy Award-winning actress known for movies and shows like “Children of a Lesser God” and “The West Wing.”

As you may remember, Marlee has joined forces with Viki for the Billion Words March to bring subtitles and captions to the 360 million people worldwide who are deaf or hearing impaired. Watch her thank-you video below!!

Subtitling on Viki is easy — give it a try! Here’s how you can get started:

1) Watch the subtitling tutorial video on our Viki U Channel.

2) Find a video that needs your help in the Project Finder and get started.

It’s that easy! Also, make sure to check out Community Discussions to get to know other Viki community members.