Sign Up for Viki With Your Google Account!

Hi, everyone. This is Mela from Viki's product team!

I'm happy to report that we've launched another easy way to create a Viki account. By logging in with Google+, you can get access to your favorite features like Favorites, Viki Pass, Timed Comments, the subtitling tool and more. 

If you haven't yet created an account using Facebook or your email, click “Login” on the upper-right corner of the homepage, then select “Login with Google+”. You also can connect your existing account from Account Settings.

By creating a new account on Viki, you’ll enjoy Viki Pass FREE for three days! You'll be able to binge watch all your favorites shows without ads and in HD!

With Google+ login, its now even easier to watch your favorite dramas and movies
This new login also will allow you to easily download our Android app. With our free mobile apps, you can take your favorite shows with you wherever you are. If you don’t have our app installed yet, you'll be prompted to download the app after logging in. Click “Install” and it will automatically download the app to your phone. So simple!

Login with Google also is available in the new version of the Android app. Coming soon on our iOS app! Questions? For more information, visit our Help Center

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