NEW! Learn How to Earn Fun Subtitling Badges!

Yay! Today, we’re launching a huge update to our insanely popular Badges feature. You’ll now automatically get badges when you perform certain actions on Viki, including segmenting, subtitling and subtitling in specific languages! You’ll also get badges for being a Channel Manager or Moderator. There are so many more fun badges to earn, though, with more coming! Check out the full list of badges here.

Don’t forget to share the fun! Your badges will automatically display on your profile page. But you also can share them with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. We love making friends jealous. :)

Don’t see any badges on your profile page yet even though you should have some? Head on over to the Subtitle Editor for any video and you’ll receive them all!

New to subtitling and segmenting? Not a problem: Learn how to get started with Viki U. Start by checking out these subtitling and segmenting tutorial videos. You can find a video to subtitle or segment on in the Project Finder. It’s that easy. 

Have a badge idea? Let us know! If your badge gets chosen, we’ll give you a shoutout in our next blog about badges. 

We hope you love these fun treats as much as we do! Happy subtitling!