#WorldCup2014 Celebrity Bracket Week 2: Young Male Hotties

Last week, we kicked off the World Cup in Viki fashion by creating a celebrity bracket where you can vote on your favorite drama stars!

How It Works

For each match, the celebrity who gets the most votes will move on to the next round. Remember to cast your votes early so your favorite doesn't get cut!

We will show a different celebrity pairing for each week of #WorldCup2014. By the end, there will be a final vote to see who is chosen as your overall favorite drama star!

The first match featured Drama Leading Ladies, Puff Guo (from Love Myself or You) vs. Lee Da Hae (from Hotel King).

You all voted for one beautiful actress to move on to the next round. So who received the most votes? Congratulations to... Puff Guo!! The results were 51% to 49%

Let's keep going with the second match: Young Male Hotties

Mario Maurer (from The Dog and To Each a Flower) vs. Jasper Liu (from Love Myself or You)

Who is your favorite young male hottie?
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Which handsome leading actor will join Puff Guo in the next round? Vote and tell us in the comments too!