1st Book Giveaway for Language-Learning Challenges!

Last week, the Round-Up Quiz featured questions that reviewed Chinese, Thai and Korean. We know it was more difficult than the past language-learning challenges, so we were more generous with awarding the points! :)

Here are the answers to those questions:

  • For the first question about the Taiwanese drama “Tie the Knot,” when Xiao Mei (played by Cheryl Yang) hears her client’s husband yell “搞了半天倩文要把婚事延后就是你搞的鬼” (“Gao le ban tian qian wen yao ba hun shi yan hou jiu shi ni gao de guy”), it translates to “After half a day, it was your doing that made Qian Wen want to postpone the wedding indefinitely.” 
  • For the second question about the Korean drama “Doctor Stranger,” when Jae Hee (played by Jin Se Yeon) says “니가 미쳐도 단단히 미쳤구나! 이딴 것 때문에 그 위험한 짓을 한단 말이야?” (“Ni ga mi cheo do dan dan gee mi cheot gu na! ee ddan gut ddae mae gue wi hum han jit eul han dan mal ee ya?”) to Hoon (played by Lee Jong Suk) when he proposes, it translates to “You are really crazy times 100! You put yourself in danger because of this (the ring)?”
  • For the third question about the Thai movie “The Library,” Jim (played by Ananda Everingham) leaves a note for Ann (played by Selina Wisemann) inside a book he borrowed from the library to show gratitude for all her helpful recommendations. He wrote, “ฉันขอบคุณมากสำหรับทุกอย่าง,” which translates to “Thank you very much for everything.”

We also announced having our first Tuttle Publishing book giveaway! Only users in the Top 10 ranking are eligible, so here’s a look at the lucky language learners who have a chance to walk away with a book gift this time!

By random selection, we’ve chosen the recipient of the first Tuttle book giveaway. Congratulations to ... mag11! There’s no language-learning challenge this week, but get ready for the next one soon so you can earn more points!

Continue your language learning journey by heading over to Discussions to interact with fellow community members on interesting topics, such as “Basic words or sentences in your language” and “How often do you use your non-native language(s)?” Remember, you can earn up to 3 extra points each week by contributing quality comments to the Discussions page topics.

* If you haven’t tried it out yet, give the One-Liner tool a shot to test your skills on writing and editing in different languages!

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