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Check out below as we break down and translate five Korean phrases from popular K-dramas airing right now on Viki.

Hi! School: Love On

Lee Seul Bi (played by Kim Sae Ron) is an angel sent to Earth to help guide people to heaven when their “time” comes. When she accidentally saves Shin Woo Hyun (played by Nam Woo Hyun) from a premature death, Seul Bi realizes that she now has a heartbeat, which means she has inadvertently become a human. Seul Bi tries to listen to Woo Hyun’s heartbeat, and he’s surprised by how brazenly she invades his personal space. He shouts, “What the heck are you doing!”

After their marriage, Mi Young (played by Jang Na Ra) moves in with Gun (played by Jang Hyuk) and his family. Given Mi Young’s pregnancy, Gun’s grandmother signs up the married couple for prenatal education classes. Following the first class, Mi Young says to Gun, “It was really great” that they could attend the class together for the baby’s sake. 

Jae Wan (played by Lee Dong Wook) carries emotional baggage after being abandoned by his father as a child, but despite this, he has grown up to become the successful general manager of Hotel Ciel, the only 7-star luxury hotel in Korea. He’s tried to keep his distance from Mo Ne (played by Lee Da Hae), the hotel owner’s daughter, but they eventually realize their love for each other. As the two grow more emotionally attached, Mo Ne says to Jae Wan, “I trust you.”

When Chun Hee (played by Jung Eun Ji) fails to advance in Shine Star’s audition, Joon Hyun (played by Ji Hyun Woo) signs her to another talent agency, which forces her to perform at a nightclub. He runs away with her contract signing bonus but returns a few days later, deeply apologetic about his careless actions. Joon Hyun begs Chun Hee for forgiveness by saying, “Please give me one more chance.”

Ki Tae (played by Yeon Woo Jin) has absolutely no interest in getting married, but he faces tremendous pressure from his family to settle down. To get his family to back off, Ki Tae deliberately introduces Joo Jang Mi (played by Han Groo) as his future wife, knowing that his family would never accept her. When Ki Tae’s mother invites Jang Mi to his grandfather’s memorial service, Jang Mi asks Ki Tae’s father after the service, “Please give me one more shot” of the rice liquor that is used for the memorial!

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