Lee Jong Suk’s Journey From ‘Secret Garden’ to ‘Doctor Stranger’

Lee Jong Suk is making quite a mark as a rising star in Korea. Since making his film debut in 2005, the 24-year-old actor has played roles as diverse as a troubled student to a genius surgeon. He won Best New Actor at the 2012 KBS Drama Awards for his role in “School 2013” and is now considered one of the most popular young actors working today.

See the journey that Lee Jong Suk has made in his television drama roles that prove why he has become such a hot commodity!

Secret Garden

This Korean drama marked one of Lee Jong Suk’s first television roles. In the series, he plays a young genius musician we rebuffs a famous Hallyu star’s attempts to recruit him as a protégé.

School 2013

High school can be a tough tumultuous time. Lee Jong Suk, along with fellow classmates played by Park Se Young, Ryu Hyo Young, and Kim Woo Bin try to navigate all the dramas of the classroom. Jang Na Ra and Daniel Choi play teachers who try and lead the troublesome students.

You can see the fun trailer below of this drama, which earned Lee Jong Suk his Best New Actor award!

I Hear Your Voice

Lee Jong Suk plays a 19-year-old student with the special ability to read people’s minds. Together with a sharp-tongued public defender, he tries to help catch a dangerous killer!

Doctor Stranger

Lee Jong Suk plays a young man who grew up in North Korea after he and his father are trapped there. He grows up to become a genius surgeon who manages to escape and return to South Korea but must learn how to adjust to his new life there and figure out how to have his girlfriend join him.

Watch the trailer below of this exciting drama!

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