Viki Provides Gateway to the World for a Tennessee College Student

In a span of two months last summer, a college student stumbled on an Asian horror movie that led to the discovery of K-pop and Korean dramas  which opened her eyes to a world of culture that she never thought imaginable from her home in Tennessee.

Ashley Bice (ashley_b_04), 21, is studying to become a medical assistant at her local community college in Tennessee. Her love of Asian pop entertainment started with the discovery of Asian horror movies on Netflix, which lead her to discover Korean dramas and K-pop on Viki, including her now-favorite Choi Min Ho of SHINee and To the Beautiful You fame. 

In just the past year, the Viki Pass subscriber has spent about seven to 14 hours every week watching Korean dramas and Japanese films. Her favorite recent dramas include “Angel Eyes,” “Doctor Stranger,” “Secret Love Affair,” “Let’s Eat” and “Cunning Single Lady.”

Since Ashley has discovered Viki, her mother and two best friends also have become Viki users.

“I’m so thankful for Viki because without it, I wouldn’t have discovered what is now one of my favorite hobbies!” Ashley says. “Viki has helped me discover so much about myself and how much I truly enjoy learning about different languages and cultures. And watching dramas is a fun way to do it!”

Ashley heard about Viki Pass during the “Black Day K-Drama” Party live stream that was hosted on April 14, 2014, by “Eat Your Kimchi,” a vlog series produced by an ex-patriot Canadian couple living in Korea. She signed up for a free seven-day trial of Viki Pass and is now hooked!

Viki has broadened Ashley’s horizons and exposed her to the world outside Tennessee without having to fly there.

“Now, I am constantly striving to learn as much as I can about the world I live in,” she said. “I think that in its own way, Viki is truly a gateway to the world!”