Your Favorite 12 Stars With the Most Kissable Lips!

Kissing is on the minds of many drama fans lately! A “Showbiz Korea” news clip that aired this week highlighted “Unique Kisses From Dramas & Music Videos.” See the great news clip below that highlights the most memorable kissing scenes from “Secret Garden,” “King of High School,” “It’s Okay, That’s Love,” “My Love From the Star” and “Love Rain.”

And keep reading to find out which top stars you think have the most kissable lips!

Last month, we asked you to let us know which stars you thought have the most kissable lips. And you didn’t hold back in letting us know your favorites. We couldn’t include every name that was given to us, but we tried to include the top 12 stars that you felt have the most kissable lips. See if you agree with other Viki fans!

Lee Min Ho

There’s no denying that no other Asian actor working today can make fans swoon quite like Lee Min Ho. You can’t get enough of this actor — or his kissable lips! See the hottest smackers in town in “Heirs” “The Great Doctor (aka Faith),” “City Hunter,” “Personal Taste” and “Boys Over Flowers”!

Kim Soo Hyun

Ever since “My Love From the Star” made this young actor into a major star, you can’t get enough of Kim Soo Hyun and his chiseled good looks. Don’t miss his sweet, juicy lips in “Dream High” and “The Moon Embracing the Sun” also!


Bae Sue Ji — better known by her stage name Suzy (of the Korean girl group miss A) — was ranked No. 14 on a recent list of the 100 most beautiful faces. So it’s no wonder that many of you think she has one of the most kissable lips in Asia! See this stunning beauty in her roles in “Gu Family Book,” “Dream High” and “Big.”

Lee Dong Wook

Lee Dong Wook knows how to play strong, yet vulnerable, characters in “Hotel King,” “Wild Romance,” “Scent of a Woman” and “Partner.” But you also seem to be preoccupied by those shapely lips of his!

Jun Ji Hyun (Gianna Jun)

Jun Ji Hyun rose to stardom after her film “My Sassy Girl” became the highest-grossing comedy of 2001, but her role in the 2014 drama “My Love From the Star” escalated her to superstardom, with fans causing a worldwide shortage of the lipstick color she wore in the drama! You also can enjoy those beautifully polished lips in “White Valentine.”

Lee Jong Suk

When Lee Jong Suk is going through emotional distress in his roles in “Doctor Stranger,” “I Hear Your Voice” and “School 2013,” you just want to kiss those big, soft lips and make it all better!

Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye became the the most envied woman when she shared kissing scenes with Lee Min Ho in the 2014 drama “Heirs.” Maybe that’s why you voted for her as a star with one of the most kissable lips! Check out those luscious smoochers in “Flower Boy Next Door,” “You’re Beautiful,” “Heartstrings” and “Kimcheed Radish”!

Song Joong Ki

Bet you didn’t know that this young actor is a former speed skating athlete and very academically accomplished! But Song Joong Ki also published a health and beauty book for men in 2013, so he knows how to take care of his gorgeous lips! See the proof in “Innocent Man,” “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” “A Tree With Deep Roots,” “Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors (aka OBGYN)” and “Triple”!

Lee Seung Gi

One of the most successful singer-turned-actors, Lee Seung Gi has demonstrated star power in his many drama roles. See those heart-melting lips in “You’re All Surrounded,” “Gu Family Book,” “The King 2 Hearts,” “My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho,” “Shining Inheritance” and as an MC for the variety show “Strong Heart.”

Chris Wu

The Taiwanese actor made his film debut in “Fragile in Love” in 2007 and his television debut in 2009 in the drama “Autumn’s Concerto.” Ever since then, Chris Wu has been melting hearts and gaining fans with this talents and those full, pouty lips! See them in action in the recently ended drama “Rock ‘n’ Road,” as well as “What Is Love” and “Inborn Pair.”

Park Yoochun

Park Yoochun commands respect as both an idol singer and serious actor who has shown his versatility in his roles in “Three Days,” “Rooftop Prince,” “Miss Ripley,” “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and “I Miss You.” But you respect those lips, too!

Sunny of Girls’ Generation

The multitalented singer, dancer, radio personality, MC, model and actress has what you fans describe as kissable “duck lips.” See her many talents and those duck lips in Episode 165 and Episode 166 of “Strong Heart” and Episode 39 of “Running Man”!

Thanks to all of you who wrote in with your picks for your favorite kissable lips!

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Viki Introduces: Bollywood Titles!

Viki now has a selection of premium Indian videos, ranging from the Golden Age of Bollywood to the hottest new releases! Our extensive new library includes movies from top production houses like Balaji and Rajshri as well!


Feeling a little clueless about Bollywood? No worries, we’ve got you covered! 

Wait  why IS it called Bollywood?

The term “Bollywood” was created by combining the words “Hollywood” and “Bombay” (now known as Mumbai). Hence, “Bollywood” was born!

Did Bollywood ever have a Golden Age like Hollywood?

But of course! The films produced between the 1940s and 1960s are regarded by film critics to be the most critically acclaimed cinematic period for Bollywood.

Alright, alright, thats very nice and all, but who’s famous in Bollywood?

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan rose to fame with Pardes, later earning a nomination for Best Actor at Filmfare (the Hindi version of the Academy Awards), but he’s also ranked among the 50 most powerful people in the world by Newsweek. And if that’s not enough, Khan also earns more money than Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp! Say what?!

Aishwarya Rai
Aishwarya Rai is heralded as one of the most beautiful women in the world, being nominated as Miss World in 1999. She also is well known for her humanitarian work, supporting causes to help fight HIV/AIDS, cruelty against animals and cleft palettes. On top of ALL of that, she’s a celebrated actress, starring in films such as Khakee,” “Action Replayyand Taal.

Amitabh Bachchan
Amitabh Bachchan has won numerous acting awards for Black and starred in the Bollywood equivalent of “The Godfather,” known as Sarkar. Bachhan also has starred in the blockbuster hit Shootout at Lokhandwala. As added testament to Bachchans popularity, in 2000, he was the first living Asian to get a wax figure at the world famous Madame Tussaud’s London!

Dilip Kumar
Reigning as one of the greatest actors from the Golden Age, Dilip Kumar can be viewed as one of Bollywood’s greatest. His films include Karma and Saudagar, and all of his hard work has paid off! Kumar holds a Guinness World Record for the most awards won by an Indian Actor. Talk about popularity!

Awesome! But with so many videos available, where should I start?

Need some action in your life? Then try watching Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, which tells the tale of Sultan and his rise to power in the murky underbelly of Mumbai during the 1970s. This movie pays tribute to the golden age of Bollywood with some of Bollywoods most popular stars  plus theres a sequel if you want even more action! But if you need even more explosions, try Shootout at Lokhandwala” — based on the true story of five criminals, 286 policemen and a six-hour standoff between them!

And once you’re done watching giant explosions and shootouts, try some more dramatic titles, such as “Shor in the City,” which tells three different stories in parallel about the challenges of surviving in the big city of Mumbai. Or try “Kahaani,” a story about a woman who comes to Mumbai to search for her missing husband but only finds dead-end clues.

Ready to branch out into Bollywood? Then let’s get watching!

Note: Previously, the subtitling tools weren't available for Bollywood titles. But they're available now! Happy subtitling!

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5 Fun Facts About Birthday Boy Sungyeol!

Happy Birthday to Lee Sungyeol from hot K-pop group Infinite, who was born on August 27, 1991!

The singer and actor has increased in popularity with his starring role in the current drama “Hi! School: Love On,” and we don’t see his popularity waning anytime soon.

Pictured with fellow Infinite member, Woohyun,
on the set of ‘Hi! School: Love On

If you want to find out more about this flower boy, read below for five fun facts about the birthday boy that we bet you didn’t know!

He Is 6 Feet Tall

Sungyeol’s innocent looks may fool you, but his height makes him stand out onscreen and while performing on stage.

His Aunt Also Is in the Entertainment Industry

Yoon Yoo Sun is an actress who has appeared in many popular dramas, including “Wonderful Days,” “Good Doctor,” “Jang Ok Jeong, Lives in Love” and “Marry Me, Mary!” She’s definitely a veteran sunbae since she has acted in more than 40 dramas since 1995!

Yoon Yoo Sun looking beautiful at age 45

His Nickname Is Gingiva Prince

Whenever he smiles, his gingiva, or gums, can be seen and this is the reason for Sungyeol’s nickname. We think he looks handsome no matter what. Don’t you agree? 

He Knows His Ideal Type of Girl

Sungyeol has said in the past that he likes girls who are easy-going and cute. He’s looking for someone who doesn’t pretend to be anything but herself. Sadly, the reason why he doesn’t currently have a girlfriend is that he’s an idol. 

He Was the Last Member to Join K-Pop Group Infinite

Sungyeol’s position in the group may only be as a vocalist, but this hasn’t stopped him from working hard to make Infinite into the massively well-known group it is now. The group has come far from its humble beginnings in 2010 to its best-selling albums in 2013.   

Catch Infinite’s recent music comeback on “SBS Inki Gayo” at the 57:47 mark with its latest hit song, “Back.”

Which fact were you most surprised to learn? Tell us in the comments and wish a happy birthday to Lee Sungyeol!

Subtitle for a Chance to Get K-Pop CDs – 1 Week Only!

Until the end of August, you can put your subtitling skills to the test for a chance to receive Viki merchandise, or even a K-pop CD from hot boy groups Super Junior or EXO!

Every day between August 24 and August 31, a gift will be given to the person who writes the most subtitles for that day. Better yet, you can even win on multiple days! Follow the instructions below to be eligible to receive a gift.


  • Once a day, submit the number of subtitles you wrote that day in this form. Remember that you can subtitle in any language.
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  • Check your PMs on Viki as we’ll contact the top subtitler each day there by the end of the next day. 

Gifts for Subtitling

One lucky person will get to choose between a CD from K-pop groups Super Junior or EXO. The other daily winners will receive surprise Viki gifts, such as pens, stickers and more. We’ll be giving away something different each day!

Remember, you can win on multiple days so submit your subtitling numbers every day!

New to Subtitling? Get Started!

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Read our Subtitling FAQs to learn everything you need to know about subtitling. If you need assistance, please visit the Viki Help Center

Good luck and happy subtitling!

Kim Hyun Joong Accused of Assaulting Girlfriend

Kim Hyun Joong, massively popular Korean drama star and idol of “Boys Over Flowers” and “Playful Kiss” and more recently “Inspiring Generation,” was accused of repeated assaults against his girlfriend of more than two years, according to news reports released yesterday.

According to the report filed by Kim’s girlfriend and covered by news outlets, the domestic violence occurred between May and July of this year. The report claims she sustained serious injuries, including bruising to her face, chest, arms and hips, as well as broken ribs that required six weeks of medical treatment.

The police are currently investigating the allegations. Kim is still planning to perform at his concert in Thailand on August 24 as part of his world tour, which kicked off earlier this summer.

Kim Hyun Joong

Language-Learning Challenge #4: Combined True or False Quiz

It’s been quite a while since our last Language-Learning Challenge, so we’re happy to have another one ready for you to continue earning points for a chance to receive free books from Tuttle Publishing!

Picture from user mag11, who chose Chinese for Beginners
for the first Tuttle book giveaway

The questions below feature Chinese, Thai, Korean and Spanish — the four languages we’ve covered so far. You can submit your answers in this survey.

Combined: True or False?

1. In Episode 6 of “It’s Okay, That’s Love,” Jae Yeol (played by Jo In Sung) is driving with Gang Woo (played by EXO’s D.O.) and says, “진짜 매력 있거든 (“Jin jja mae ryuk it guh deun.”),” when talking about Hae Soo (played by Gong Hyo Jin).

Did he mean to say, “She is really full of charms”? True or False

*Hint: Check the 23:50 mark in Episode 6 of “It’s Okay, That’s Love.”

2. In Episode 3 of “One and A Half Summer,” Hao (played by 2PM’s Nichkhun) reminisces about the time when he was in Greece with Luo Man (played by Xu Lu) and shared, “这里是我爸妈度蜜月的地方 (“Zhe shi wo ba ma du mi yue de di fang”).”

Did he mean to say, “This is where my parents went for their honeymoon”? True or False

*Hint: Check the 4:02 mark in Episode 3 of “One and A Half Summer.”

3. In the movie “Siyama: Village of Warriors,” Ana (played by Thitima Maliwan) comments about a past historical era to Gift (played by Nattanun Jantarawetch), “มันตั้งสองร้อยปีกว่ามาเเล้ว” (“Mun thung song roi bee gwa mar laew”).

Did she mean to say, “It was over 100 years ago”? True or False

*Hint: Check the 19:50 mark in the Thai movie “Siyama: Village of Warriors.”

4. In Episode 1 of “My Sweet, Fat Valentina,” Valentina (played by Natalia Streignard) is called over by her friends to watch her cousin, Orestes (played by Juan Pablo Raba), appear on television during an interview. He states, “Un beso para ti, mi amor (“Un be-so pa-ra ti, mi a-mor”).”

Did he mean to say, “A kiss for love”? True or False

*Hint: Check the 8:26 mark in Episode 1 of “My Sweet, Fat Valentina.”

Good luck and we hope you answer them all correctly! Let’s keep the conversation going in the Language Learning category of Discussions! Interact with fellow community members on interesting topics such as Basic words or sentences in your language, Recommended resources/tools/websites to get started, and What languages do you already know or want to learn?

Remember to try out the One-Liner tool to test your skills on writing and editing in different languages! Also, if you haven’t participated in our challenges before, here’s your chance to catch up now:

Language-Learning Challenge #1: True or False
Language-Learning Challenge #2: One Liners
Language-Learning Challenge #3: Round-Up Quiz

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Get Signed KARA Posters and CDs With ‘MAMMA MIA’ Scavenger Hunt!

Are you ready for KARA’s comeback? So are we! In fact, we’re so excited about the revamped Korean girl group’s return that we’ve created a music video scavenger hunt of the new song just for Viki fans! We know that you’ve probably watched the “MAMMA MIA” teaser at least twice already, so why not watch it again and get ready to receive some prizes?

What are we giving away, you ask? Just a few posters and CDs signed by the wonderful ladies of KARA!

Ready for a chance to get one of these signed items? Of course you are!

First, you might want to watch the “MAMMA MIA” music video a few times to become familiar with the super-catchy new release!

Then, click here to enter our KARA “MAMMA MIA” Video Scavenger Hunt by answering the eight questions on the form. You must answer all eight questions to be eligible to receive the specially signed KARA posters and CDs!

Entries are due by 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on August 24, 2014.

Good luck!