Congrats to Top Subtitlers of July Sub-a-thon!

During the last week in July, we invited Viki community members to subtitle as much as they could each day for a chance to receive a gift. The gifts were either Viki merchandise or a signed photo from Kim Woo Bin or JYJ’s Jaejoong!

The turnout was amazing! Some users even came close to reaching QC status within one day alone. Thank you to everyone who participated — we greatly appreciate the time and effort you set aside to contribute. Viki wouldn’t be the same without people like you!

Today, we’re happy to recognize the Top Subtitlers and their respective languages!

Thursday, July 24 – Eurasia, Dutch
Friday, July 25 – dramadwarfie, Chinese
Saturday, July 26 – yoona_choi, Polish
Sunday, July 27 – yoona_choi, Polish
Monday, July 28 – MusicROSE, Dutch
Tuesday, July 29 – zano_v, Vietnamese
Wednesday, July 30 – Dudie, Dutch
Thursday, July 31 – zano_v, Vietnamese

If you missed out on this sub-a-thon or want another chance to receive a gift, don’t worry! There will be another opportunity coming along soon. Maybe even at the end of this month! ;)