Get Signed KARA Posters and CDs With ‘MAMMA MIA’ Scavenger Hunt!

Are you ready for KARA’s comeback? So are we! In fact, we’re so excited about the revamped Korean girl group’s return that we’ve created a music video scavenger hunt of the new song just for Viki fans! We know that you’ve probably watched the “MAMMA MIA” teaser at least twice already, so why not watch it again and get ready to receive some prizes?

What are we giving away, you ask? Just a few posters and CDs signed by the wonderful ladies of KARA!

Ready for a chance to get one of these signed items? Of course you are!

First, you might want to watch the “MAMMA MIA” music video a few times to become familiar with the super-catchy new release!

Then, click here to enter our KARA “MAMMA MIA” Video Scavenger Hunt by answering the eight questions on the form. You must answer all eight questions to be eligible to receive the specially signed KARA posters and CDs!

Entries are due by 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on August 24, 2014.

Good luck!