J-Culture Unveiled With Tokyo Girls Update and Comic Market 84!

Manga fans and cosplayers, don’t miss “Tokyo Girls Update!” This Japanese show, hosted by fashion model Hikari Shiina, is a must-see for anyone interested in Japan’s pop and subculture.

In the first two episodes, Hikari Shiina visits Comic Market 84, an event that’s happening again this weekend in Japan! Don’t miss this look at Japan’s comic book and cosplay culture, especially since the cosplayers are sexy, cute and downright impressive with so many of them wearing handmade costumes!

This year’s Comic Market 84 (aka Comike or Comiket) will be held August 15-17 at the Tokyo Big Site. It’s the biggest Otaku festival in Japan, famous for its cosplayers and dojinshi (self-published manga). Check out last year’s event in Tokyo Girls Update to get a taste for what to expect at the exciting event!

Hikari Shiina, host of Tokyo Girls Update

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